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Gideon Raff, creator of the popular show Homeland, joined in PETA’s campaign to end military animal abuse by penning a letter to British Secretary of State for Defense Phillip Hammond, In his letter, Raff asks that military personnel receive more sophisticated training that doesn’t involve cruel and ineffectual animal training. 

In military pig shooting, the U.S. Army shoots live pigs and treats their gunshot wounds in medical trauma exercises. Photo

PETA has uncovered many cruel military animal practices. They report that each year more than 10,000 live animals are killed in military training exercises that range from shooting and mutilating to stabbing the animals. 

In April they released a very disturbing video of military hired instructors mutilating live goats, which falls under “trauma treatment” training. Unfortunately all that results from the training is trauma for both human and animal.

As Raff rightly points out, there are far more successful methods out there. 

He states, “You may be aware that recent research by trauma surgeons with the IDF Medical Corps found that military staff’s confidence in performing lifesaving battlefield medical procedures increased when they were trained with sophisticated human simulators and after having experience with real patients-but not after completing crude animal laboratories.”

In another military training operation the UK troops participated in the mass slaughter of pigs, who were lined up and then shot with high-velocity bullets. 

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Raff writes, “Having served as a paratrooper in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), I have the utmost concern for the health and security of the heroic service members- like those portrayed on my shows Homeland and Prisoners of War-who risk their lives to protect our safety and freedom. But the UK Ministry of Defence is not saving lives by having military doctors sew up live animals whose bodies have been torn apart by bullets from high-powered rifles.” 

He continued, “Caring for the well-being of animals and preparing the troops serving our countries are not mutually exclusive.” Carrying out such useless and ineffectual training methods is not only cruel to the animals, but also to our troops who deserve the best form of preparation.