(FARM) The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) is urging North Americans to “Choose Cage-Free” over cruelty at the grocery store in a newly launched campaign. Focusing on informing people of the brutal reality behind caged hens, the campaign intends to stop the major production of caged harvesting through purchase power. Read on to learn more about the campaign and check out the WSPA’s fight to “Keep Cows On Grass.” — Global Animal

WSPA urges the public to choose cage-free over cruelty. Photo credit: dineoncampus.com


WSPA’s new North America-based campaign, launched yesterday, is putting hens back at the heart of farming. Choose Cage-Free focuses on the welfare of millions of egg-laying hens by educating consumers about the reality of how hens in cages live and empowering individuals and businesses to buy ‘cage-free.’

‘Cheaper by the dozen’ comes at a price

Caged egg production is one of the cruelest practices in modern farming.

The vast majority of eggs consumed in North America are produced by hens that live out their entire lives in small, barren cages, shared with five or six other birds. Row upon row of these cages fill dark warehouses.

Hens are intelligent and social animals. They feel pain, fear and frustration. The extraordinary levels of stress they experience on a daily basis works to suppress their immune systems and make them highly susceptible to injury, sickness and disease.

Make a statement as you shop

The good news is that we can send a message about how we think animals should be treated every time we buy eggs or any product made with eggs. Through Choose Cage-Free, WSPA is seeking to grow that ‘purchase power’ to protect millions of animals and promote kinder, better ways of farming.

The same is true of milk, where the industrial-style farming of cows also presents a huge welfare threat. WSPA’s EU-wide campaign to Keep Cows on Grass launched earlier in the month, working with the public and the dairy industry to ensure the cows that provide our milk have better, more natural lives.

More WSPA: http://www.wspa-international.org/latestnews/2012/choose-cage-free-eggs.aspx#.UL2DFJPjlCR




  1. Buying Cage free eggs is one of the most simple improvements you can make for humane farming practice today! Don't forget to ask restaurants/cafes if their chicken/egg products are free range too. Change will only come from the consumers!