(TAKE ACTION) The Olsen twins—or the “Trollsens” as PETA calls them—are at it again. Once America’s sweethearts, the fur-toting has-beens are onto their next cruel creation: a $55,000 backpack made of black patent leather from Nile crocodiles. However, this isn’t the first animal to die for their fashion collection, The Row—or what is often referred to as their “Full House of Horrors.” Last year, Mary-Kate and Ashley created a $39,000 alligator handbag for their line, and in June, they released a $17,000 patchwork fur backpack. Read on to learn more about the Olsen’s apparent disregard for animal welfare and take a stand to help animals: Boycott their products until they agree to go fur-free! — Global Animal
Mary-Kate and Ashley are no friends to animals with their new crocodile skin backpack. Photo Credit: Ecorazzi
Mary-Kate and Ashley are no friends to animals with their new crocodile skin backpack. Photo Credit: Ecorazzi

Ecorazzi, Ali Berman

It’s well-known that the Olsen twins are no friends to animals. They love to use fur and exotic skins in their designs, and have been the target of campaigns by PETA. So, perhaps it’s no surprise that they have, again, created a monstrosity of a backpack made of black patent leather from Nile crocodiles.

To add insult to injury (actual injury resulting in death for the crocodile), the backpack will retail for $55,000. Only twelve will be sold.

Help save animals & ask the Olsen twins to stop wearing fur & remove fur from their clothing line! Boycott their merch until they agree to go fur-free!

Part of the high cost comes from the Olsens teamimg up with British artist Damien Hirst to create the look of the bag. His work sells for millions. Oddly, the bag has prescription pills worked into the design, so it’s not only cruel, it’s also strange and arguably (at least to this former fashion industry girl) silly looking. Although one could say the pills make the bag “art”, we’d still just call it unnecessary cruelty.

In the only related good news, a portion of the proceeds from the ridiculously overpriced backpacks will go to UNICEF. However, how much is at the discretion of Hirst. So, one penny could be donated, or thousands. It’s impossible to know. But when you sell a bag for $55,000 a pop, it does make you look a little less greedy when you throw a few bucks to charity. If only they had been feeling charitable to the crocodiles.

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