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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Cup Of Cuteness

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Just look at his nose wiggle! — Global Animal

Botswana President Says No To Hunting

(ANIMAL CONSERVATION) BOTSWANA — During a public gathering in Maun, Botswana on Sunday, President Ian Khama revealed that the Botswana government will stop issuing hunting licenses. Khama believes that the availability of hunting licenses has encouraged poaching in Africa and prevented the expansion of the tourism industry. As of next year, the Environment and Wildlife Ministry will no longer sell licenses to citizens in order to protect wildlife in the Okavango Delta and the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Botswana's two main hunting regions. Continue reading to learn about President Khama's progressive decision. — Global Animal

Fish Agree: Majority Rules

(ANIMAL BEHAVIOR) All social animals—whether they are packing rats, schooling fish, flocking birds, colonizing bees, herding elephants, or even crowding humans—adhere to the democratic principle of majority rule. Ian Couzin, an evolutionary biologist at Princeton University, states, "One common property we see in animal groups from schooling fish to flocking birds to primate groups is that they effectively vote to decide where to go and what to do.” Because we are social animals, it is in our nature to follow the majority. Read on to learn more about Couzin's intriguing study. — Global Animal

Workers force-feed ducks at foie gras farms. Photo Credit: Eric Risberg/AP

European Lawmakers: Foie Gras Is So Passé

(ANIMAL CRUELTY) Earlier this month, a group of European Members of Parliament called for a controversial ban on the sale and production of foie gras, an infamous French delicacy made by force-feeding ducks and geese. Even with the recent California precedent forbidding the consumption of foie gras in the state, French authorities in support of this inhumane industry are defending the production of foie gras, claiming it an important part of the "French gastronomic heritage." We agree that these callous bureaucrats need to put their hearts before their wallets and put an end this this inhumanity. Read on for more on the potential groundbreaking ban. — Global Animal

Cute Corgi Plays With Food

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This little Welsh corgi can't decide whether or not she wants to eat or play. — Global Animal