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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Kittens Watch Tennis

(ANIMAL VIDEO) The "Ninja Kittens" find time to watch a match of women's tennis in between workouts. — Global Animal

Recovery Of Cheeto The Kitten Goes Viral (GALLERY)

(ANIMAL RESCUE) While Chase Conner was acting in an independent film, Before the Fall, in the mountains of Virginia about a month and a half ago, the 28-year-old discovered an unexpected cast member—a malnourished orange kitten, covered in filth and fleas, wandering by himself.Despite being away from home and living in and out of hotel rooms, the actor still managed to take in and care for the kitten named Cheeto, while documenting the entire event. In his photo story, titled titled "The Recovery of Cheeto," Conner introduces the touching tale, while stating, "Found this little guy a month ago while working on an independent movie in VA. He was just a bag of bones and fur. Now I've got a new buddy." See the incredible photos below. — Global Animal

Rikku Goes For A Walk

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This four month-old Tamaskan Wolfdog, Rikku, usually loves to go for walks outside; but not today. — Global Animal

Rattlesnake Capture Competition Kills Thousands

(SNAKES) UNITED STATES — Regions in Alabama, Georgia, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas hold annual contests to see which insensitive hunter can collect and then kill the most rattlesnakes throughout the course of a year. Called "Rattlesnake Round-ups," these competitions result in the slaughter and abuse of thousands of rattlesnakes. This disgusting process is causing the gradual extinction of several snake species and endangers another 350 species within its ecosystem. Continue reading to learn about the cruel conquest and how you can help stop it. — Global Animal 

PETA Says No To China’s Animal Testing

(ANIMAL TESTING) Earlier this year, it was discovered that beauty powerhouses Avon, Estee Lauder, and Mary Kay had been secretly paying for Chinese officials to test their products on animals. Although companies in China are required by law to pay for tests on animals in order to market their cosmetics, many animal advocates, as well as PETA, felt that these proclaimed "cruelty-free" skincare brands were misleading the public. Deservingly, boycotts against the beauty giants followed suit. However, the companies continued to sell their products in China, and inevitably, animal testing continued. Read on to learn more about PETA's efforts in putting an end to animal testing once and for all. — Global Animal

Children’s Book Teaches Good Adoption Values

(PET ADOPTION) Diane Rose-Solomon's new children's book, JJ The American Street Dog and How He Came to Live In Our House, tells the touching tale of Maya and her family as they learn about homeless animals and discover how they can be a part of the solution to end pet over-population. The book not only promotes animal adoption, but it also teaches about animal homelessness, the importance of spaying and neutering, as well as the basics of animal care. Read on for the full press release and watch the trailer. Also, see below to purchase the book before its official release in December. — Global Animal

MLB Pitcher & Pit Bull Thrown Curve Ball

(PIT BULLS) CANADA — This Tuesday, a blockbuster trade in Major League Baseball sent pitcher Mark Buehrle to Canada, but he and his dog might have problems settling in, seeing that Ontario has enforced a ban on pit bulls since 2005. This is not the first time Buehrle and his family have faced trouble moving to a new location solely because of the breed of their dog, Yahoo! Sports reports. Miami-Dade County, where his previous team the Miami Marlins were located, also enforces a law that does not allow pit bulls, or any other type of dog that resembles the breed. Read on to learn more about the issue. — Global Animal

Nuclear Safety Vs. Sea Life (POLL)

(OCEANS) CALIFORNIA — The Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant, owned by Pacific Gas & Electric, wants to undergo a 3D seismic survey for details on fault lines in order to assess the plant’s safety. Problematic with this survey, however, is the fact that the facility lies on the border of the San Luis Obispo coastline. The proposed method of testing is potentially life-threatening to millions of young fish and other local marine wildlife who reside near the power plant's blasting zone. The California Coastal Commission met yesterday to seek their approval for the new off-shore research and, after almost 150 activists spoke against the testing, the commission voted unanimously to deny the seismic testing permit application. Do you think the possibility of harming the area's sea life worth undertaking seismic research for nuclear safety? Read on for more information about this controversial research and take our poll below. — Global Animal

Corgi Ready To Be Shipped

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Don't you dare take that Corgi out of that box! — Global Animal

Global Animals Donate $5,000 To Hurricane Relief

(ANIMAL RESCUE) This week, Global Animal Foundation donated $5,000 to rescue organizations on the ground in New York and New Jersey that are helping animals in need after the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy. Thanks to our concerned readers, animals will be provided with food, water, shelter, and medical care through organizations such as the ASPCA, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), North Shore Animal League America, and Animal Care & Control of NYC. Read on for more on the organizations' success stories and see how else you can help these helpless animals. — Global Animal

Hillary Clinton Slams Wildlife Trafficking (VIDEO)

(POLITICS) In a recent meeting with the State Department, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton proposed that we take further steps to prevent poaching—more specifically, the poaching of ivory and rhino horn. Because the Obama administration and the State Department face a long list of urgent issues both at home and abroad, it's incredibly encouraging to see Clinton stress the importance of putting an end to the booming illicit wildlife trade. Read on and watch the video of her inspiring remarks below. — Global Animal

Twilight Premiere Unveils Live Wolf Pack

(ANIMAL WELFARE) The Twilight series' last installment Breaking Dawn: Part 2 premiered Monday, November 12 at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, where stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner weren't the only spectacles. According to an Entertainment Weekly tweet, a caged pack of live wolves were also featured outside the venue. Continue reading to learn how people responded to the inhumane sideshow. — Global Animal 

Bird Grooves To Lauryn Hill

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Sunny the Sun Parakeet busts a move to "Killing Me Softly" by Fugees. — Global Animal

600 Smuggled Snakes Rescued

(ANIMAL TRAFFICKING) BANGKOK — Yesterday, Thai customs officials seized a pickup truck filled with 600 poisonous cobras. The Malaysian snakes, worth an estimated 16,500 dollars, were destined for a third-world country where they would be used for traditional medicine or food. We are happy to report that the surviving snakes will be released back into the wild. Read on to learn more about the rescue below. — Global Animal