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Monthly Archives: November 2012

2012 National Dog Show Winners Unleashed

(DOG SHOW) Friday night's annual National Dog Show presented by Purina unleashed a large assortment of 1,500 of the most beautiful purebred dogs in the world. For the second year in a row, a Wire Fox Terrier won the coveted Best in Show title as a four-year-old pooch named Sky stomped the competition. Read on for more on the show's turnout and see photos of the canine champions. — Global Animal

Sea Shepherd Vs. Dolphin Murderer

(OCEAN CONSERVATION) Captain Paul Watson's mission to end illegal whaling and protect marine wildlife seems to have no bounds, as the founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is now offering a monetary reward for information regarding the dolphin killings in the Gulf of Mexico. Since the summer, innocent dolphins have washed ashore shot, stabbed, and horribly mutilated.  Officials believe an individual or single party is guilty of these mass murders, leading Watson to want "this sadistic killer stopped". Read more to learn about the various efforts to stop these dolphin killings. — Global Animal

Northwestern US: A Wolf Slaughterhouse

(WOLVES) UNITED STATES — According to a Yellowstone National Park scientist, seven gray wolves collared for research purposes were murdered in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming last week. Dave Hallac, chief of Yellowstone’s Center for Resources, stated that two of the wolves were from packs that do not roam within the park anymore, however, the remaining five den primarily within Yellowstone. The wolf population is becoming increasingly endangered by recent legislations in the Northwestern United States. Just this year, Montana joined Wyoming in lifting the quotas for wolf hunting, while Wyoming, within the past month, ruled that wolves can be hunted anywhere within the state's borders. Continue reading and learn how you can help these beautiful animals. — Global Animal

Kitten Has A Ball

(ANIMAL VIDEO) One-month-old Pikachu knows a thing or two about recycling! — Global Animal

Canine Angels: A Tribute To Service Dogs

(SERVICE DOGS) Assistance dogs are everyday heroes; saving human lives is just a day's work for them. In her new book, Canine Angels, Marie-Claude Roy explores why service dogs, or "guardian angels" as she calls them, are so special and vital to the people they look after. People suffering with diabetes, epilepsy, mental illness, blindness, and other physical handicaps all tell stories of their wonderful four–legged saviors. Read on for a touching excerpt from this incredibly insightful book. — Global Animal

Corgi Puppy Is Such A Drag

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This pup will never give up! — Global Animal

Is Your Free­‐Range Turkey Really Free?

(HUMANE FARMING) This Thanksgiving, Duke University student Courtney Schatt asks turkey lovers alike, "Is your free-range turkey really free?" She explains how the free-range label leaves room for farmers to manipulate regulations and misinform customers as the USDA defines free-range poultry as “having access to the outdoors" without specifying the duration and frequency of such outdoor access. Read on for more information on free-range poultry and how to know your turkey is truly free. — Global Animal

Give Thanks For Animals: Adopt-A-Turkey

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM/TAKE ACTION) Farm Sanctuary hopes to begin a new Thanksgiving tradition with their Adopt-A-Turkey Project. With the help of celebrity sponsor Ellen DeGeneres, the animal rescue farm promotes a compassionate Thanksgiving alternative. Read the excerpt below to learn how you can help out. — Global Animal

Fiona Apple Puts Family First, Cancels Tour

(CELEBRITY PETS) Singer/songwriter Fiona Apple canceled her upcoming South American tour in a soul-bearing, hand-written letter postmarked to her dedicated fans. In an act of extreme compassion, Apple announced she must delay performing for "the thousands of friends (she) has not met" in order to tend to her dying dog. Janet, Apple's fourteen-year-old pitbull, is suffering from a tumor and Addison's Disease which requires routine injections of Cortisol, a steroid hormone. This intensive care did not allow for Apple to bring Janet on tour and she therefore, in what she stated was an "instant" decision, made the loving choice to instead "help (Janet) be comfortable, and comforted, and safe, and important." Continue reading to learn more about the star's compassionate choice. — Global Animal

Hurricane Sandy Pets Safe In ASPCA’s Hands

(ANIMAL RESCUE) NEW YORK — Since its opening over the weekend, dozens of victims of Hurricane Sandy are leaving their pets behind at a 20,000-square-foot emergency boarding center in Ocean Hill, Brooklyn. The shelter, run a team of disaster specialists from the ASPCA, housed 137 animals by Sunday evening and expects to house a few hundred by the end of the week. The center is able to accommodate up to 700 animals at no cost for up to 30 days until their displaced families are able to reclaim them. Thanks to your generous donations to the Global Animal Foundation, the ASPCA is able to provide food, shelter, and medical care to hundreds of animals in need. Read the full story at the link below to learn more about the ASPCA's grand efforts.

While several animals remain in dire need, Global Animal Foundation continues to accept donations to help animals still affected by Hurricane Sandy. Donate to help animals affected by Hurricane Sandy. Your contribution saves lives. — Global Animal

The Hobbit’s Death Trap Kills 27 Animals

(ANIMAL WELFARE) According to animal wranglers involved in filming The Hobbit, the film's production company is at fault for the deaths of 27 animals, largely because they were kept on an unsafe farm. However, according to a recent statement issued by director Peter Jackson, these allegations are false as he claims that some animals perished from natural causes. A representative for Jackson acknowledged the deaths, but insists that hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent to ensure animal safety during shooting. Despite the claim that no animals were harmed during filming, animal wranglers have spoken out to the AP, alleging that the farm posed a hazard for horses and other animals due to unsafe land filled with sinkholes and bluffs. The involved animal wranglers claim that concerns were brought to Warner Brothers' attention, but the production company chose to continue its use of the farm. In response to the news, PETA officials state, "letting animals suffer needlessly and die takes the entertainment industry a giant and disgraceful step backward." Read on to learn more about the abuse allegations and take our poll: "Will you boycott The Hobbit over its treatment of animals?" — Global Animal

BP Pleads Guilty To Slaughter & Deceit

(ENVIRONMENT) NEW ORLEANS — Last Thursday, British Petroleum (BP) plead guilty to numerous criminal charges associated with the 2010 disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Over the next five years, more than half of the 4.5 billion charged to BP in the settlement will go to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF), an independent non-profit conservation group. NFWF plans to direct the funds for environmental restoration, preservation, and conservation efforts throughout the Gulf region. Although no amount of money can rectify the oil spill's devastating environmental and wildlife destruction, this steep find shows that the Department of Justice is at least conscious of the gravity of the situation. Read on to learn more about the settlement surrounding the deaths of 11 workers and the spill of 206 million gallons of crude oil. — Global Animal

New research suggests Lonesome George may not be the last of his kind. Photo Credit: Discovery/Putneymark

Lonesome George Not So Lonely After All?

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) The late Lonesome George—the giant tortoise who died this past summer—may not have been all alone, as a Yale study recently published in Biological Conservation is speculating otherwise. Through DNA collection and analysis, over a dozen hybrid tortoises were discovered, indicating that a few might be the offspring of the purebred species. Researchers hope this initiative can aid in a breeding program and reintroduction of the species to its native home. Read on to learn more about these new discoveries and their future implications. — Global Animal

McCartney Says Skip The Thanksgiving Turkey

(THANKSGIVING) Beatles legend Paul McCartney has teamed up with PETA to deliver an anti-turkey Thanksgiving and Christmas message, encouraging people to go vegetarian this festive season. PETA will be using the new campaign throughout the holidays to promote meat-free holiday meals. Read on for more about this Brit's message to turkey-eating Americans. — Global Animal