(ANIMAL BEHAVIOR) A strange phenomenon, known as “misdirected mating,” has some researchers speculating on the correlation between sexually frustrated, lower ranking fur seals and their desire to mate with penguins, an entirely different class of animal. “These things happen in wildlife,” says veterinarian Heather Harris. But when mixed mating results in no viable offspring, the behavior is difficult to understand from an evolutionary standpoint. Researchers conclude that sexual violence does occur in the animal kingdom, and in extreme cases, males’ coercive behavior may spill over to forcing themselves on other species. Click the link for more bizarre seal-on-penguin-related facts and information regarding misdirected mating. — Global Animal
An Antarctic fur seal attempts to mate with a king penguin. Photo Credit: Tristan Scott

More NY Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/11/27/science/in-nature-fatal-attractions-can-be-part-of-life.html