(WILDLIFE) Coyotes—now inhabitants of every state in the continental U.S.—eat mostly rabbits, rodents, and fruit while creating homes for themselves and their pups in industrial parks, recreation areas, and in between apartment buildings. Because the presence of coyotes in community areas can often be misinterpreted as dangerous by trigger-happy humans, Project Coyote, an organization based in Larkspur, California, works with communities to develop “coexistence plans” that center around training residents to use safe, consistent deterrents to avert coyotes from unwanted areas. Although these coexistence plans are a smarter, more humane alternative to lethal action, sadly, the trend in concern about coyotes and perception of risk appear to be elevated to “a new norm.” Read more about the reality of these amazingly adaptable, resilient animals and facts pertaining to the resistance and push for coexistence. — Global Animal
A local coyote roams a community park. Photo Credit: laweekly.blogs.com

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