Twilight Premiere Unveils Live Wolf Pack

At the Twilight premiere, the movie stars were not the only spectacle. For the sake of entertainment, wolves were caged outside Nokia Theater. Photo Credit: Entertainment Weekly

Dori Edwards, Global Animal 

The Twilight series’ last installment Breaking Dawn: Part 2 premiered Monday, November 12 at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, where stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner weren’t the only spectacles.

According to an Entertainment Weekly tweet, a caged pack of live wolves were also featured outside the venue.

At the Twilight premiere, the movie stars were not the only spectacle. In accord with the film’s werewolf theme, a pack of wolves were caged outside Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, CA this week. Photo Credit: Entertainment Weekly

Many responded to the photo of the wildlife behind bars with accusations of animal cruelty. One commenter posted that it is “not cool to put (the wolves) on display for a movie,” while another respondent claimed that it  “seems cruel.”

It appears that the event organizers thought a live wolf pack would make the werewolf fantasy a reality for the premiere’s attendees. But being caged is no fantasy for wolves. 

The exploitation of these beautiful canines is not only inhumane, but also supports the captivity of wildlife. For this event, it seems the entertainment factor was more important than preserving the dignity of these creatures. 

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  1. It's more than the bars, its the noise. Wolves like a quiet environment with few disturbances like most other animals. Plus who knows how many people were taunting them. They shouldn't have been there just for entertainment.

  2. While I agree that caging an animal is wrong, I don't think that is the general con venous amount the public. All I am saying here is we live in a country full of zoos– not wildlife preserves. I don't think most Americans struggle with the idea of caging their pets either.

    That being said; Caging up any animal turns it into a beast.