Dori Edwards, Global Animal 

Recent technology allows pet guardians to worry less about losing their animal companions. Tagg the Pet Tracker is a GPS device that allows humans to be aware of the location of their furry friends at all times. 

By strapping a portable attachment to a canine or large cat’s collar, animal lovers can identify the location of the animal anywhere in the United States that there is Verizon wireless coverage. While using Tagg, users can create a custom radius anywhere from 75 to 1,000 yards and will be notified through text or e-mail if the pet has wandered outside the designated ‘safe zone.’  The company claims, “Your microchip is not enough,” because if your pet is lost, a microchip won’t alert you or show you his/her exact location.

New device allows pet guardians to track and locate their animal companions through a GPS system. Photo Credit:

If concerned individuals need to find a dog or feline who has disappeared, they can immediately find the animal’s location on the Tagg map and then use a computer, mobile phone, or the free Tagg app to more precisely determine their locale. Tagg will also provide directions for compassionate persons to meet their wandering pets. 

This new technological advancement comes with a portable dock that fully charges the tracking mechanism in two hours. According to Verizon, Tagg users can also determine if their companion is getting enough exercise due to a built-in activity log. 

Since its debut on “Live with Regis and Kelly” on August 15, 2011, Tagg has been receiving positive reviews and increasing media coverage. New York Times Technology Columnist David Pogue featured the product on “The Martha Stewart Show” alongside his collection of gadgets at the International Consumer Electronics Show. Writer Michael Gray gave the technology a five-star review and confirmed that even a “rough and tumble” dog like his own could not detach the device from his collar. 

This groundbreaking mechanism will hopefully ease the minds of many pet guardians with the common concern of losing their companions as well as efficiently reconnect those who have been separated. 




  1. I was told by a Tagg representative at New England Pet Expo that the antenna "wings" on this are not chew proof. My dog will destroy this in minutes at doggie day camp. Not such a great idea to make a pet product that dogs can chew through…