Sonia Horon, Global Animal

Fitz meets big sis Chloe. Photo credit: Lauren Conrad Instagram

Although The Hills star Lauren Conrad is known for her love of fashion and shopping, when it came to getting a puppy she chose an animal shelter rather than a store, joining alongside celebrities like Selena Gomez and Ellen DeGeneres.

Conrad, who’s already mom to a rescue dog named Chloe, adopted a new puppy last month. The little guy’s name is Fitz, and it appears his new guardian can’t get enough of him.

Conrad has posted many adorable snaps of Fitz and his big sister on Twitter and Instagram.

Fitz, who could have been spending his Halloween in a cold cage like millions of other shelter animals, instead spent it in a warm home, with a new loving family, and dressed as a hot dog. With euthanasia rates at shelters rising in the past two years, this is one lucky pup.

But it seems adoption wasn’t the starting plan. On her Instagram Conrad wrote, “Never go to the animal shelter ‘just to look’… It never ends that way.”

Happy Halloween! Photo credit: Lauren Conrad’s Instagram

Conrad sets an example for celebrities, unlike pop singer Usher who received major fan backlash after recently winning a goldendoodle pup for a whopping $12,000 at auction.

Her fans seem happy with her compassionate decision, sending out messages like “Thank you for adopting and not buying, you are saving a life,” and, “Breaks my sad how many animals are in a shelter needing homes..thanks for adopting its the way to go.”


Lauren Conrad clutches onto her new friend. Photo Credit: Lauren Conrad, Instagram