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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Teenager Saves 20,000 Animals From Euthanasia

(ANIMAL RESCUE) Similarly to how many grass roots organizations begin, Kids Against Animal Cruelty started with a small group of animal lovers carrying signs on street corners and a Facebook page with 47 friends. An animal activism group that uses social networking to encourage adoption at high kill shelters, KAAC was founded two years ago by child actor/singer Lou Wegner when he was a mere 14 years old. After two years, KAAC boasts 12,000 members, 50,000 supporters, and 20,000 animals it has saved from euthanasia.The organization has branched across the United States and has several chapters all run by young animal lovers like Wegner. Continue reading to learn about Wegner's amazing dedication to animals. — Global Animal

Bo Obama Ready For The Holidays

(FAMOUS PETS) From helping President Barack Obama with holiday shopping to his feature in last year's Christmas card, America's first dog Bo just loves the holiday season! Now, the four-year-old Portugeuse water dog is making a list and checking it twice, while casting approval on all of the spectacular White House Christmas decorations before an estimated 90,000 visitors pay a visit this holiday season. Continue reading for more and watch the video for yourself! — Global Animal

Desert Beetle Solves World’s Water Crisis

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) The most energy efficient and adept inventions are often inspired by nature. From the infamous bonding product Velcro, first inspired by the hooks of the plant burrs, to road reflectors, inspired by the reflector cells in cat’s eyes, inventors often turn to animals and plants for ideas. Now, scientists are turning to the Namib Desert beetle for insight as to how to create a self-filling water bottle to solve the world’s clean water crisis. Read on to learn more about how nature inspires scientists. — Global Animal

Boxer Donates Blood, Saves Lives

(DOGS) OKLAHOMA — After an abused boxer named Winston was adopted by a loving family, he took his second chance at life and used it to save other dogs in need. Every few months, Winston routinely donates his blood to the local animal hospital, and has helped many canines in the process. Many Boxers, along with German Shepherds and pit bulls, have a universal blood type, and so Winston's donation helps a wide variety of different breeds. Read on to learn how Winston continues to use the advantages of his breed to help others. — Global Animal

The Last Whale On Earth?

(WHALING) AMSTERDAM — On November 20 at the Playgrounds Audiovisual Arts Festival in Amsterdam, Sea Shepherd member and Dutch actor Rutger Hauer revealed he and filmmaker Sil van der Woerd's most recent creation. The two animal activists created "A gift for Sea Shepherd," a moving short film that serves to denounce whaling. In an abstractly beautiful four minutes, actor Hauer is confronted by the last living whale during Requiem 2019. According to Sea Shepherd, "the film chronicles the last whale on earth coming face-to-face with the source of its destruction- man." Continue reading to learn about the short film and the co-producers' dedication to protecting whales. — Global Animal

Chihuahua Cha Cha

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Sloopy the chihuahua just loves to "shake his body" to the beat of Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine! — Global Animal

When A Seal Loves A Penguin

(ANIMAL BEHAVIOR) A strange phenomenon, known as "misdirected mating," has some researchers speculating on the correlation between sexually frustrated, lower ranking fur seals and their desire to mate with penguins, an entirely different class of animal. "These things happen in wildlife," says veterinarian Heather Harris. But when mixed mating results in no viable offspring, the behavior is difficult to understand from an evolutionary standpoint. Researchers conclude that sexual violence does occur in the animal kingdom, and in extreme cases, males’ coercive behavior may spill over to forcing themselves on other species. Click the link for more bizarre seal-on-penguin-related facts and information regarding misdirected mating. — Global Animal

The Show Stops Here: LA Banning Circus Elephants?

(CIRCUS ANIMALS) Last week, Los Angeles took one giant step toward banning the use of elephants at Ringling Bros., Barnum & Bailey Circus, and other traveling circus shows. On Tuesday, the LA City Council's Personnel and Animal Welfare Committee—urged by the Los Angeles-based Animal Defenders International (ADI)—voted to send the full Council legislation banning the use of elephants and bullhooks, the sharp implements used to control them, in traveling shows and exhibits. Read on to learn more about the measure and sign the petition urging LA City Council members to restrict the use of wild animals in traveling circuses. — Global Animal

EU Ends Shark Finning With Milestone Vote

(SHARK FIN) The cruel act of shark finning will no longer be tolerated in Europe, as the EU parliament officially banned the practice last week. With parliamentary approval, the measure will now hold strong and be enforced,  aiding in shark protection and preservation. Ocean conservationist groups around the world applaud the European efforts and hope other nations will follow suit. Read on to learn more about this favorable plan. — Global Animal

Kitten Plays Telephone

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Marshy the cat knows how to entertain herself for hours on end. — Global Animal

Midlife Crisis Goes Ape

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) If your 40-something-year-old dad recently bought a Lamborghini and started pumping iron, don't worry—he is not the only one suffering from a midlife crisis. In fact a new study shows that the animal kingdom is also affected by the condition. A team of international researchers studying great apes assembled data from 60 different zoos around the world on more than 500 orangutans and chimpanzees, and the results indicate that apes, just like humans, seem to suffer from a lack of satisfaction when they hit their middle years. Read on to learn more about this fascinating new discovery. — Global Animal

Urban Coyotes: Friends, Not Foes

(WILDLIFE) Now inhabitants of every state in the continental U.S., coyotes eat mostly rabbits, rodents, and fruit while creating homes for themselves and their pups in industrial parks, recreation areas, and in between apartment buildings. Because the presence of coyotes in community areas can often be misinterpreted as dangerous by trigger-happy humans, Project Coyote, an organization based in Larkspur, California, works with communities to develop "coexistence plans" that center around training residents to use safe, consistent deterrents to avert coyotes from unwanted areas. Although these coexistence plans are a smarter, more humane alternative to lethal action, sadly, the trend in concern about coyotes and perception of risk appear to be elevated to "a new norm." Read more about the reality of these amazingly adaptable, resilient animals and facts pertaining to the resistance and push for coexistence. — Global Animal

Nutcracker Dogs Dance Into Our Hearts (PHOTOS)

(SERVICE DOGS) Tchaikovsky's infamous Nutcracker Ballet appears every holiday season, showcasing beautiful dancers all while warming the crowd's hearts. The Chicago-based PAWSitive Therapy Troupe, however, gives its own spin to this classic show. Premiered in 2000, a canine-centered version of the ballet is performed by the organization's therapy dogs, and it has been a hit with audiences ever since! Read on to learn more about this special show and its philanthropic mission. — Global Animal

Dog Fetches Cat

(ANIMAL VIDEO) The best way to get the cat inside. — Global Animal