Dori Edwards, Global Animal

PARIS —It seems the zombies have come out to play early this year. Last week, a Parisian man spotted a wiggling patch of soil near a lakeside pedestrian path and immediately grabbed a shovel to excavate the grave. He quickly discovered a Jack Russell Terrier struggling to stay alive. Could this be a real-life Frankenweenie?

Ethan the Jack Russell Terrier comes back to life after being poisoned and buried. Photo Credit: Sylvie / AP via Today

After the terrier’s savior uncovered the pooch named Ethan, firefighters rushed him to a veterinary clinic where unexpecting doctors were shocked by their new patient and his story. 

The president of an animal association in Charleville-Mezieres, Sabrina Zamora, described Ethan as “flat as a pancake” upon being rescued. Veterinarian Phillip Michon said when firemen delivered the dirt-covered, little white dog to his medical office, “he was completely cold, he was barely breathing.”

Michon used hot water bottles to warm Ethan’s lifeless body in a last ditch effort to save the animal whose veins were entirely collapsed from a lack of body heat. 

Within 24 hours the Jack Russell was in high spirits and in seemingly good health. Michon stated, “It’s extraordinary. We only see this in TV movies. He came back to life and without a scratch. It’s rather miraculous.” 

According to veterinarians, the canine companion was poisoned and convulsions from the substance caused the animal to quake in his grave. 

A microchip found in Ethan’s neck informed his rescuers that all of this happened on the dog’s third birthday. The dog’s identified owners said they had given the animal away prior to the attempted murder, but authorities are in the process are verifying their claim. 

“(Ethan) had an unbelievable chain of luck,” Michon said. “If the ground hadn’t trembled, no one would have taken a shovel to it.”

Ethan is not the only lucky dog to survive being prematurely buried alive. Last month, officers also discovered a newborn puppy, buried six inches underground in Florida.