Carmen Iben, Global Animal

For the month of October, Africam is using social media to help fight the ongoing illegal animal trade. Many other organizations, including World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), are joining forces to help spread the #killthetrade message and invite people across the world to participate.

The increase demand for ivory has made elephant’s tusks worth more than 10 times the average annual income in most African countries. Photo Credit: National Geographic/Beverly Joubert

Anyone can help spread awareness by simply going to and choosing between four different safari cameras located amongst real African wildlife. Next, take snapshots of all the animals seen on camera, and share these photos with the world.

The website alerts visitors when wild animals appear on screen. Africam hopes that engaging the public with real wildlife will help spread the message to eliminate illegal animal trade.

The New York Times recently released an article exposing the ivory trade in Africa. The article reveals how tens of thousands of elephants are killed year-round for their tusks.

The demand for ivory has escalated rapidly over the last year, as experts estimate “the tusks of a single adult elephant can be worth more than 10 times the average annual income in many African countries.”

Officials claim we are currently experiencing the greatest loss of elephant population in history.

Offering serene views with authentic sounds of the wildlife, WWF’s limited-time safari cameras provide a lifelike safari experience and help bring awareness to the vast amount of poaching that takes place on a daily basis. Just sharing one photograph can help inform a diverse amount of people about the illegal animal trade and spread the message across the nation. So, get started and join the wildlife in Africa!