37 Lucky Pups Rescued

Photo Credit: DSPCA

Carmen Iben, Global Animal

DUBLIN — Nearly forty puppies suffering from various infections were rescued by Dublin police last week. After an officer stopped two cars on the road and saw a variety of beagles, cocker spaniels, and Jack Russells in the backseat, the pups were seized and taken to The Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA). Employees speculated the find to be a “case of animal trafficking from puppy farms within Ireland, destined for the UK.” The two men driving the vehicles were arrested at the scene.  

Exactly 36 puppies were rescued in Dublin, Ireland last week. Photo Credit: DSPCA / Huffington Post

These puppies were most likely being transported to be sold on the black market for several thousand euros.

The DSPCA reported that many of them were suffering from treatable conditions including mange, fleas, earmites, eye infections and parasitic infections. 

The puppies are currently receiving treatment for their minor infections, but unfortunately nothing can be done about their tails, which have been removed. 

A press release also stated, “Several of the puppies are receiving special care as they were too young to be removed from their mothers.”

The case is currently under investigation and the puppies will soon be up for adoption.

The Irish Times noted that situations like this are common as winter approaches. Puppies are a common gift at Christmas time, but it is important the public know where these dogs are coming from.

In light of this incident, the DSPCA is calling on the public to be “extra vigilant when considering buying a puppy.”

“Please be careful where you source your puppy,“ CEO Brian Gillen said. “With so many online sources of pups these days the public need to be vigilant. Do not buy from the boot of a car or a van and always arrange to meet the puppy with its parents at the breeders home – the conditions the mother is living in is a good indication of the health and welfare of the animals.”

Remember that adoption is always the best choice as many pet store pet store dogs come from puppy mills and the American Kennel Club (AKC) has been linked to puppy mills and animal abuse.