Orphaned Seals Set Free

Photo Credit: Ingo Wagner/AFP/Getty Images

Alisa Manzelli, Global Animal

Four orphaned harbor seals were released back into the wild on October 4th. After being raised at a seal research station in Norddeich, Germany, the seals were set free onto a beach on Juist Island in the North Sea.

Lisa looks out of her wicker basket at the beach just before her return to sea. Photo Credit: Ingo Wagner/AFP/Getty Images

Between 50 and 100 orphaned seals are raised at the Nordeich Seal Station each year and then returned to the wild. Once the seals are ready to be released, the staff transports them to Juist Island, which is a popular spot for wild seals.

These four young harbor seals were released by staff members Lene Kemper, Tim Fetting, and Peter Lienau.

And while the transition from captivity to the wild can be rather dangerous and sometimes deadly, we hope these harbor seals will succeed out in the wild.

The seal station staff release four young harbor seals into the wild at the beach on the North Sea island Juist, Germany. Photo Credit: Ingo Wagner/AFP/GettyImages

A pair of harbor seals wade in the surf on the beach on Juist Island. Photo Credit: INGO WAGNER/AFP/GettyImages