The Yellow Dog Project is a preventative measure that creates awareness among dog guardians. Photo Credit: The Yellow Dog Project

Dori Edwards, Global Animal 

Yellow ribbons tied to dogs’ leashes are not the newest fashion trend, but rather a helpful new initiative within the animal community.

The Yellow Dog Project is designed to create an awareness for dogs that should not be approached, for whatever reason.

By attaching a yellow ribbon to a dog’s leash, a responsible guardian is saying, due to medical reasons, training purposes, or simply the fact that the dog is reactive around other canines, “please do not approach this dog with your dog.” 

The Yellow Dog Project was established in Sweden this past June and has been rapidly expanding to other countries worldwide.

A community of cognizant canine companions have banded together through the Yellow Dog Project and 43 countries have been recognized for their involvement, including the United States. 

This new communicative system has created preventative measures for altercations among dogs. These loving descendants of wolves are often scapegoated for their sometimes instinctual impulses to solve problems through physical means.

By implementing this new warning method, dogs and their human companions will be less likely to become entangled in a doggy argument or the bad reputation that follows suit. 

Photo Credit: The Yellow Dog Project

The Yellow Dog Project is very promising as it will not only protect animals, but their guardians as well.

And while all dogs deserve to walk—including the injured and aggressive—the Yellow Dog Project will allow them to do so. 

Become a part of the project. Either use or be aware of the yellow ribbon, if need be. You might just save a life.