Danielle LeVee, Global Animal

Yet another headlining case of an unexpected animal friendship recently surfaced in Jordan, Minnesota when a family discovered a kitten alone in their barn for whom they had little hope for survival. The family brought the young feline—now named Bootsie— into their home, and before long, their Pekingese dog, Mittens, began affectionately licking and nudging the kitten, until ultimately lying down beside him. After three days, 4-year-old Mittens, who had not been pregnant in two years, developed milk for the feeble kitten and nursed Bootsie back to health. 

Bootsie (left) and Mittens (right) share a special bond.
Photo credit: Renee Jones Schneider

Pat Weber, whose grandson discovered the abandoned charcoal-gray kitten, told the Star Tribune, “I couldn’t believe it at first.”

She continued, “Later I took some pictures and took them to church and told people I had a miracle to share. The miracle was that after three days my dog had milk to feed the kitten with, and I didn’t have to get up every two hours to feed her formula out of bottle.”

Weber also told CBS News, “I have never seen anything like this before.”

Bootsie and Mittens appear inseparable. Photo Credit: CBS News

However, the old saying “fighting like cats and dogs” is becoming passé as this story is definitely not the first instance of cats and dogs becoming best friends.

There have been a number of stories, photos, and videos that document the unique and amazing bonds that can form between several different species.

We have seen the strong, enduring bonds between puppy and kitten, dolphin and whale, deer and goose, elephant and dog, and even an unexpected maternal-bond between dog and squirrel.