Danielle LeVee, Global Animal

Although it has been up for debate, most seem to agree that people often resemble their pets. Researchers found that, more often than not, people can correctly match pictures of guardians with their pets—usually based on facial expressions alone.


The dog-human look-alike phenomenon could best be explained by the fact that we, as humans, seek familiarity. We naturally search for a connection with other people and animals. Perhaps this explains why so many couples “look good” together. Thus, adopting a dog that looks like you, consciously or subconsciously, is not necessarily narcissistic, but instead, completely natural.

Aware of the bizarre (but completely normal) dog-guardian doppelganger trend, the Pedigree Adoption Drive—a campaign devoted to raising awareness and helping homeless dogs find a loving home—has ingeniously created a site to speed up this inevitable outcome.

Containing hundreds of photos of homeless pets, Doggelganger uses facial recognition software to match users with homeless dogs. Users simply upload and re-size a photo correspondingly, and before you know it, there’s your doggelganger!

While this site certainly brings awareness to the many dogs that are in need of a loving home, the database only contains photos of adoptable dogs from New Zealand.

We hope this new spin on adoption programs will eventually spread across the globe. Check out doggelganger and find your perfect match!