Animal Intervention Saves Captive Wildlife (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: National Geographic

Danielle LeVee, Global Animal

Premiering today, Tuesday, October 2 at 9 pm, NatGeo Wild’s new television show Animal Intervention will feature animal advocates Alison Eastwood (Clint Eastwood’s daughter), Donald Schultz, and Billy McNamara who investigate particular cases of wildlife owners who keep exotic animals in harmful environments and intervene in order to relocate these animals to safe animal sanctuaries. Some of the owners breed their animals, further crowding their facilities and increasing the overall population of exotics living in captivity. The show also addresses the appalling conditions at roadside zoos, private ranches, circuses, and magic shows, where animals are exceptionally maltreated.

Will this lion remain in captivity for the rest of his life? Photo Credit: National Geographic

“This is a series that is near and dear to my heart,” says Eastwood.  “I have amassed television and film credits, but helping animals and finding them loving homes is my passion.  I have wanted to create a show about rescuing animals and bringing attention and awareness to their plight for some time.”

Sometimes these interventionists successfully persuade owners to relinquish their animals, and at that point a sanctuary is called in for help. Sadly, in some cases, stubborn owners will completely refuse changes, and the animal advocates are left with no choice but to leave empty-handed. From that point, they attempt to return at a later date with a different solution to help the animals.

We would like to draw particular attention to the Animal Intervention episode airing on Tuesday, October 16. In this episode, the animal interventionists travel to Wynnewood, Oklahoma, to meet mass exotic animal owner, Joe Schreibvogel. Not only has Global Animal cracked down on Schreibvogel’s traveling animal exhibit and the associated deaths of 23 tiger cubs, but the Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS) also published findings from their very own undercover investigation that revealed another five tiger deaths in just four months. Schreibvogel is notorious for stealing tiger cubs away from their mothers and exposing them to public interaction at a young and vulnerable age. He also has a reputation for extensive wild animal breeding.

It should be obvious: wildlife ownership and breeding is unnatural and destructive. We hope this show will enforce this message end ultimately promote an overall ban on private wildlife ownership and decrease animal suffering.



  1. Another Animal Planet in the making. It's all about the lies and editing to suit their own agendas and that's to get ratings, not to help the animals. Too bad honesty isn't one of the television producers policies!

  2. This show had so much misinformation & flat out lies they fed the public it was absurd. You should see the video Alison posted where she's filming Billy McNamara deliberately screaming in tiger cubs faces, instigating rough play with them so he could WHACK THEM WITH PIPES, and the owner of the cubs allowing him to do this and drags the cub by it's tail to get it away from Billy, all the while Alison is laughing! These people are not for the best interest of the animals. They are self-promoting, self-proclaimed "experts" who went for the sensationalized CREATED SITUATIONS in an attempt to gain an audience.

  3. Also stars convicted wildlife violator, animal dealer, failed AP TV host and self proclaimed animal expert Donald Shultz. Who will save the animals from Donald? Does anyone do fact or background checks on these TV hosts? Show is rip off of Wild Repo and the poorly staged movie Elephant in the Living Room.