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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Donate, Help Hurricane Sandy Pets (PHOTOS)

(ANIMAL RESCUE) While the onslaught of Hurricane Sandy continues to impact the lives of millions across the U.S. and Canada, first responders are working around the clock to help citizens and their pets. Though the storm is being described as "one of the most exceptional—and potentially destructive—storms to strike the Northeast in modern history,” animal rescuers remain hopeful that pets will stand a better chance than they did in 2005 during Hurricane Katrina, which left an estimated 250,000 animals stranded and struggling for survival. However, with hundreds of animals still stranded, disaster relief organizations like the Animal Care & Control of NYC, North Shore Animal League America, ASPCA, and the HSUS are doing their best to provide these frightened animals with food, water, and shelter. Global Animal Foundation is collecting donations for animal rescue organizations on the ground in New Jersey and New York that are aiding pets and other animals devastated by the superstorm. Keep reading to see how you can help these animals and see the miraculous photos of Hurricane Sandy animal rescues. — Global Animal

Halloween Pet Costume Contest Winner!

(PET PHOTO CONTEST) The votes are in for our second annual Halloween Pet Costume Contest! Thank you to everyone who participated. Check out all of the entries in the "Halloween Pet Costume Contest: Vote for your favorites" album at our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/GlobalAnimal). And the winner of the Halloween Pet Costume Contest is... — Global Animal

Military Dogs Given Ultimate Medal Of Honor

(MILITARY DOGS) In just two months, the first national monument dedicated to military dogs will be unveiled in California. There have been several memorials built across the country in recognition of canine combatants, but this is the first to be promoted to national level alongside the Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore. Called The U.S. Working Dog Teams National Monument, the memoriam will honor every canine cadet since World War II. Read on for more on the amazing story behind this great honor and the compassionate people who helped make it happen. — Global Animal 

Cat Vs. Sunflower

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Will they ever get along? — Global Animal

Primates In Peril: 25 Species Face Extinction

(ENDANGERED SPECIES) Researchers revealed this week that twenty-five species of lemurs, monkeys and gorillas across Africa and Asia currently face extinction due to illegal hunting and deforestation. As these primates act as a vital part to our ecosystem, experts are calling on people across the globe to help protect these endangered species. Researchers remain hopeful though, as previous conservation efforts have lifted primates from the endangered species list altogether. Read on to learn more on why experts are confident that, with global help, these species can be fully restored. — Global Animal

Give Dogs A Voice: Denounce Debarking

(DEBARKING) Sue Perry and Karen Mahmud are guardians of rescue dogs whose vocal chords have been surgically removed in a process called "devocalizing" or surgical muffling. Together, the duo has started an online petition requesting that the American Veterinary Medical Association condemn this invasive procedure. According to the American Veterinary Medical Aassocation, this surgery, medically termed venticulocordectomy, removes the animal's vocal chords through the mouth or an incision in the throat. The organization rejects "debarking" unless it is deemed a "final alternative" in cases where the dog would otherwise be abandoned or euthanized. Perry and Muhmad believe that this exception still condones the cruel and unnatural surgery. While many critics agree, the surgery steals a dog's primary means of communication and can also affect the animal's ability to eat and breathe due to scar tissue from the procedure. Continue reading to see how you can help end this unnatural procedure. — Global Animal

SF Giants Lucky Langur: Good Luck Charm? (POLL)

(ANIMAL LOVERS) SAN FRANCISCO — According to a spokesperson for the San Francisco Zoo, some baseball fans are attributing the San Francisco Giants' recent success to the birth of a black and orange colored François' langur monkey, who was born just days before the Major League team went on a three-game run to beat the St. Louis Cardinals. And with the recent news of the team sweeping the Detroit Tigers in Game 4 of the World Series, superstitious sports fans believe this "Lucky Langur" was indeed the good luck charm that propelled the Giants to victory. Do you agree? Or is this just another example of animal exploitation? Take our poll below. — Global Animal

Dog Forgets How To Jump

(ANIMAL NEWS) Don't worry—he's okay! — Global Animal

Weather The Storm: Pet Friendly Evacuation Shelters

(ANIMAL SAFETY) Frankenstorm may no longer officially be a hurricane, but the superstorm is being referred to as "one of the most exceptional—and potentially destructive—storms to strike the Northeast in modern history." With high tides expected to flood towns along southern Long Island, New York Harbor, the Jersey shore, the Delmarva Peninsula, and southern New England, it is important to ensure that you are your pet are safe. Read on for preparation tips to ensure your pet's safety during a natural disaster and see the list of shelters accommodating animals affected by Hurricane Sandy — Global Animal

Does Your Dog Sink or Swim?

(LIFE WITH PETS) Does your dog love swimming, or is he a scaredy cat? Veterinarian Marty Becker gives advice to pet guardians about dogs and their ability to face the water. Remember: Not all dogs can swim! Some are more fit to swim than others, as both breed and personal preference can determine a dog's liking to the water.  Read on to learn more suggestions and safety tips relating to your pup and the water. — Global Animal

How A Gorilla Can Help Your Career

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) UNITED KINGDOM — With his background in primate behavior, biologist Patrick van Veen has created a new business management course that guides a group of business people around the zoo to observe primate behavior and see how it is similar to relations in the workplace. Because we share 98.6 percent of our genetic material with chimpanzees, it's not surprising that we partake in very similar relationship patterns, particularly our analogous social grooming behavior. Read on to learn more about what we can learn from primates in order to evolve in our careers. — Global Animal

Cat Loves Cartoons

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Apparently cats nowadays need more than just a string to be entertained. — Global Animal

Bowie The Bird: Stair Master

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Who needs the gym when you've got the stair master? — Global Animal

Pit Bull Awareness: Love ‘Em Or Hate ‘Em

(DOG BREEDS) Today marks the sixth annual National Pit Bull Awareness Day (NPBAD), a day of appreciation and education aimed to alter false perceptions and stereotypes about pit bulls and their guardians. The day was established in 2007 by Jodi Preis of the Tennessee pit bull rescue and education group, Bless the Bullys, in order to restore the image of the American Pit Bull Terrier. However, while pit bull guardians all over the world are celebrating their beloved pets, one anti-pit bull group in Tuscon, AZ is staging an event against the breed. Read on for more information on pit bull breed discrimination. — Global Animal