Dori Edwards, Global Animal

Marjorie Monroy rides 100 miles a week with her cycling club in Texas, but never before had she rode with a kitten stuffed in her bra. When a fellow biker pointed out a lone cat on the side of a road, Monroy immediately turned around to see for herself. As soon as the furry companion saw Monroy, she came running to her rescuer. 

Compassionate biker rides ten miles with a kitten in her bra to save the stranded companion. Photo Credit: Care2

She had no car, but Monroy knew she could not leave her newfound friend in 90-degree weather with buzzards circling nearby.

With ten miles remaining on her cycling tour, Monroy had to find the safest way to transport the blue-eyed kitty. When her little companion did not like her pocket, Monroy put her in the next best seat: her bra. Monroy wrapped the cat’s paws in her bandana and folded her arm over the kitty to prevent scratching and create the safest situation for the two travelers. 

After Monroy retrieved her car, she expected to leave the kitty  in the hands of the local animal shelter. “But something happened on the way there,” she says. “Those blue eyes!”  

The shelter expressed that they could not help animals if they were not deemed adoptable and Monroy left  soon after with her new family member. Perry, named after Pearland city where she was found, now lives with Monroy, her husband and four other dogs. She and Monroy’s chihuahua are best friends and  as Monroy says “(they) are all one happy family.”

We would like to thank Marjorie Monroy for her selfless acts of kindness. It is compassionate animal lovers like her who make this world a better place for our companions.