Anne Van Gorp, Global Animal

Kasell Associated Industries, a Denver-based company, is recalling their “bully sticks” dog treats after a recent outbreak of Salmonella. Made from dried bull penis, these treats have been declared contaminated by the Colorado Department of Agriculture after they performed a routine testing.

The Company is voluntarily recalling the Boots & Barkley 6-count, 5-inch American Beef Bully Sticks. All lot numbers are being called back after the lot codes BESTBY20APR2014DEN, BESTBY01JUN2014DEN, BESTBY23JUN2014DEN, and BESTBY23SEP2014DEN tested positive.

Target stores nationwide sold the product between April and September of this year. All consumers are encouraged to return the products to the place of purchase for a full refund. 

Boots & Barkley Bully Sticks are being recalled after a salmonella contamination. Photo credit:

Animals infected with salmonella experience undesirable symptoms, including diarrhea, vomiting, loss in appetite, abdominal pain, lethargy, and fever. Humans can encounter similar effects from the bacteria. Most recover without needing medical attention, but in some cases, hospitalization may be needed. 

Guardians should watch for any sign of salmonella and consult their veterinarian immediately if their pet shows any symptoms. Even if none are visible, infected animals are capable of passing on the bacteria to other animals and humans. Be sure to practice caution when handling treats and interacting with your pet.

Fortunately, no illnesses have been reported in neither animals nor humans, company officials say. Any consumers with questions or concerns can contact Kasel Associated Industries at 1-800-218-4417.

As a pet guardian, it is our responsibility to ensure we are keeping our animals safe and healthy. Be sure to respond to any pet food or treat recalls properly. The FDA and CDC are also great resources to help you stay informed and prepared for these situations!