Dori Edwards, Global Animal

LOS ANGELES — Cats throwing grenades, sniping wolves and ninja squirrels are gracing the t-shirts of Los Angeles’ newest trending philanthropic company Arm The Animals.

Founded by a small group of close friends with a shared passion for animals, the company’s goal “is to assist as many small, struggling animal shelters/rescues as possible.” And they are doing exactly that. Throughout the past 16 months, ATA donated thousands of dollars to local animal shelters from the proceeds made by their clever attire.

Arm The Animals’ edgy design and awesome cause makes it a must have in your closet! Photo Credit: Arm The Animals

When Arm The Animals’ co-founder and CEO Matt Heinemeyer’s sister passed away at 40 years old, he dedicated himself to finding a tribute for the woman who taught him respect for animals. The phrase “Arm The Animals” came to mind one night and the company’s logo of a gorilla holding an AK-47 was born shortly after.

After fellow designer friends encouraged Heinemeyer and his co-founder Danian Rios’ inspiration for a t-shirt line, the pair began searching for partner organizations. ATA was, and still is, inspired by the many mom-and-pop organizations who forego their personal needs in order to improve animal welfare. “This level of altruism simply blows us away, so we felt the least we could do is give these dedicated people a consistent stream of donations from every item we sell,” says ATA.

The company’s partners, Barks of Love Animal Rescue and Strangest Angels Animal Rescue, both battle the high euthanasia rate in shelters. Arm The Animals also recently hosted a shelter of the month vote-off and donated $500 to the winner, the Friends of Penny Min Pin Rescue shelter that seeks to improve the lives of homeless and abandoned Miniature Pinschers.

ATA’s edgy collection and wonderful cause has earned them the recognition they deserve. They have been featured in several magazines and celebrities such as Twilight actress Ashley Greene have been spotted dawning the awesome attire.

Arm The Animals is a small, compassionate company making a difference for animals. As ATA says, “Speak for the Speechless! Defend the Defenseless! Arm the Animals!” Visit the website to purchase your own Battlenosed Dolphin or Rocket Propelled Bear t-shirt and contribute to a great cause. This is an army we are proud to join!