Sonia Horon, Global Animal

A disturbing PETA investigation revealed that the University of Wisconsin-Madison is conducting cruel experiments on cats. The experiments are taxpayer-funded “sound localization” studies, where cats have holes drilled into their skulls, electrodes implanted in their brains, and steel coils inserted in their eyes. In certain cases the cats have their ears cut off or have toxic chemicals put in their ear canals to purposely deafen them. They are also starved for several days. 

A tabby named Double Trouble undergoing senseless cruelty.
A tabby named Double Trouble undergoing senseless cruelty.

One of the 30 cats that the university tests on each year, a beautiful tabby named Double Trouble, was killed after the experiment on her was proclaimed a failure. But before her life ended, she suffered through barbaric experiments. The tabby cat woke up in the middle of one such experiment, when the examiners were in the middle of cutting her head open. After many surgeries, Double Trouble developed infections, became depressed and developed paralysis in half of her face.

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Perhaps the most disturbing fact of this situation is the researcher’s excuse for these needless experiments. A PETA journalist writes,”Experimenters have justified the use of 30 cats like Double Trouble per year in this cruel project not by saying that it would enhance human health but by stating that they needed to ‘keep up a productive publication record that ensures our constant funding.'” And it’s no surprise since they have already received $3 million in grant money from the government, even though many other programs are using up to date, cruelty–free, modern technology in similar studies. 

This archaic form of animal testing needs to go. Help save cats like Double Trouble by signing PETA’s petition.