Dori Edwards, Global Animal 

CALIFORNIA — A little over a week ago, four emaciated horses were rescued from an OakView ranch in California and are now enduring rehabilitative therapy at the Humane Society of Ventura County (HSVC). Using the Henneke Body Conditioning System which determines the physical health of horses, the organization rated the animals as a one on a scale of nine. This low score indicates a risk of death from starvation. 

Kennel manager Becky Holder has volunteered at HSVC for eight years and according to her, this case is the worst she has ever seen. Holder was on duty when 37 neglected horses were rescued in 2008, but she says nothing can compare to the current state of the Oakiew horses. The Humane Society executive director expressed that the horses did not even have the strength to walk upon arrival at their Ojai shelter. 

Four emaciated horses were rescued from an OakView Ranch by The Humane Society of Ojai last week. The rehabilitation process is extensive and the organization is asking for help in any form. Photo credit: Ventura County

The Humane Society claims the horses are in better spirits than when they arrived, but that their current bacterial infections do not allow them to receive the appropriate antibiotics. If the horses survive, they will be put up for adoption. As of now the society’s concern is a full recovery for each of the animals.

When HSVC oversaw the restoration of the 37 horses four years ago, it was a year long process and cost approximately $250,000. HSVC estimates the OakView horses’ recovery will amount to $50,000 and they are asking for donations. The local support has been overwhelming and the Ojai foundation has received many monetary contributions as well as food and accessories for the horses. The Humane Society dedicates their time and energy to animal welfare and if you wish to support their compassion you can do so by clicking on the link below. They and the horses would greatly appreciate it.