(ENDANGERED ANIMALS) HAWAII — The Center for Biological Diversity has created a petition against the National Marine Fisheries Service of Hawaii. The service has proposed the removal of the Green Sea Turtle’s protected status even though the species is still considered endangered. The goal is 20,000 signatures by the October 1 deadline and Hawaii’s sea turtles need your help. The loss of government protection will put the sea turtles at a greater risk of extinction. Continue reading and visit the link below to add your signature to the petition. — Global Animal
The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle is at risk of losing its protected status. Your signature can help maintain their preservation. Photo Credit: riot-baby via Flickr

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Don’t let Hawaii’s green sea turtles lose their Endangered Species Act protection.

Right now the National Marine Fisheries Service is considering a proposal to delist the Hawaii population of green sea turtles — also known as honu — even though the turtles have not yet reached their target population size and still face danger from fisheries and the growing threats of sea-level rise and plastic pollution.

Green sea turtles are a treasured part of Hawaii’s natural heritage, and it is precisely these protections that have saved them and helped them manage modern problems they have little hope of overcoming alone.

It would be drastically premature to take away the honu’s protected status — any momentum in the direction of their full recovery would be lost.

Please sign today to ask the Fisheries Service to support continued protections for Hawaii’s green sea turtles.

More Center for Biological Diversity: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/131/349/505/ 




  1. This is not true. NMFS has NOT proposed to take green turtles off the endangered species list (they are currently listed as threatened). They issued a positive 90-day finding to the petition – which just says there is substantial new scientific information that warrants a biological status review. IF the species is proposed for listing, there would be more public comment periods, state management plan required to be in place (that wouldn’t automatically mean hunting), etc. I’m a liberal, tree-hugging hippie in favor of protecting all endangered species, even if at an economic cost. But this is a really inflammatory and misleading article and press release.