Central California Has Seismic Concerns

Humpback whales in Monterey act as defenders of the ocean. Photo Credit: guardian.co.uk

Humpback whales in Monterey act as defenders of the ocean. Photo Credit: guardian.co.uk

Global Animal, Megan Cross

Animal advocates are deeply concerned for California’s central coast marine life in response to PG&E’s decision to start seismic mapping this November. The Seismic Imaging Project entails blasting 18 underwater cannons every 15-20 seconds, 24 hours a day for 33 days. The blasts send shock-waves into the earths crust which will supply data to create 3-D images of multiple earthquake faults near Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant. The project will test whether further precautions are necessary to prevent a nuclear meltdown in the event of an earthquake, not unlike the 2011 nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan. 

Photo Credit: guardian.co.uk

According to KSBY, a local news network, a representative of PG&E claimed that once the vessels arrive in the bay near Diablo Canyon power plant, “they’ll start emitting low-pulse sounds to warn marine life in the area. Those sounds will slowly ramp up until we get to the level that’s needed to perform the survey.”

The obvious concern is for marine life in the area. The environmental impact survey reports that fish, whales, dolphins and many other sea creatures will be injured, deafened or even killed from the testing. 

The so-called benefits of the testing is unclear. The project will cost $64 million which could mean higher bills for local residents. While these tests will not help or prevent earthquakes, the question of whether damage to the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant can be safe-guarded in the event of an earthquake is uncertain. Some people are also expressing concern that the questionable testing is similar to that done to find hot spots for off-shore drilling.

The Central California Coast is home to hundreds of species that will all be affected. They desperately need our help. Click on the Take Action Mouse below to sign a petition to stop the seismic testing. 

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