(CELEBRITY VEGAN) Musician Usher has joined the vegan movement! The pop star believes a plant-based diet is the healthiest way to live, not to mention the positive effects plant-based diets have on animals and our environment. The grammy-winning artist is the mentor to teen hearthrob Justin Beiber, and is urging the young star to also adopt a veggie lifestyle. Read on for more on Usher’s new healthy, animal-friendly diet. — Global Animal 
Photo Credit: Ecorazzi.com

Ecorazzi.com, Ali Berman

Hip hop star Usher has come over to the green side. Radar Online is reporting that the 33 year-old singer has gone vegan, and loves what it’s doing to improve his already enviable abs.

A source told Radar, “Usher frequents a few vegan restaurants in New York City and not only loves the food, but feels like it’s the healthiest way to live.”

Apparently, the singer is close with Justin Bieber. So close that he’s trying to get the teen sensation to enhance his diet as well to keep him energetic while on tour. The same source said, “He’s desperate to get Bieber on the same health kick he is and thinks with all the touring and busy schedule he has, it would keep him energized.”

The source adds that thus far, Bieber isn’t game for the change in diet, but he does see Usher as a mentor, so it can’t be ruled out. Bieber is also friends with Ellen, so maybe Usher and the host can both work on convincing him.

Usher has apparently focused more on healthy living since his father died of a heart attack in 2008. Bill Clinton and Rosie O’Donnell would agree that the best medicine to keep your heart healthy is to adopt a plant based diet. Kudos to Usher for changing up his eating so he can be around to entertain the world for many years to come.

Our big question is… What are his favorite restaurants in NYC? Has anyone spotted him at any vegan joints?

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    • I agree with you 100%. I am also tired of vegans trying to push their inferior crappy diet on others. I am not a Bieber fan but I hope he uses his brain and doesn’t listen to Ellen nor Usher. Humans were meant to be omnivores not vegans.

      • “Humans were meant to be omnivores” is not pushing your views on others? I don’t get it, you don’t have to agree with how Vegans chose to eat, but to come to a VEGAN supporting website and complain, serves what purpose exactly? On the internet, no one can push anything on you, you chose to read it, get upset and then talk smack. I’m sure neither of you have a degree in medicine or nutrition. Many people with serious health issues have completely turned their lives around by going vegan. In the hospital I work in, many lives have been saved by vegan diets.

        I’m sorry to say, but what I see here are trolls.. If you’re pro-omnivore, go on a website that doesn’t support Veganism.. otherwise, you’re just trolling.. to be frank.