(CULTURE) Popular burger chain In-N-Out has gotten some negative media exposure recently. The fast food chain’s meat supplier, Central Valley Meat Co., shut down earlier this month after an undercover video surfaced showing employees abusing animals. Although In-N-Out has since cut ties with the company, vegetarians and vegans are now petitioning the restaurant to serve a meat-free option. Take action by signing the petition asking In-N-Out to add veggie burgers to their menu. — Global Animal 
Photo Credit: Ecorazzi.com

VegNews, Kimberly Budziak

California’s popular burger chain is being petitioned to add a meat-free option to its menu.

Los Angeles-based activist Ari Solomon is spearheading a campaign via change.org asking California burger chain In-N-Out to serve a vegan-friendly meat-free option. The establishment recently cut ties with Central Valley Meat Co. following the slaughterhouse’s closure after a video by animal-welfare group Compassion Over Killing’s undercover investigator revealed inhumane treatment of cattle. Although Central Valley has since been approved to re-open, activists are seizing the opportunity to show chains the power of a compassionate customer base.

“I think it would be fantastic if In-N-Out would offer a veggie burger so that not only vegetarians and vegans could have a menu option, but also people looking to be healthier and do right by the environment,” says Solomon.

Click to sign a petition asking In-N-Out to add a veggie burger to their menu!



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