The “Big Mac” Goes Veg?

Photo Credit: Ecorazzi

(CULTURE) INDIA — Could it be true, an all vegetarian McDonald’s? The all-veg Micky D’s is set to open in Northern India sometime next year, according to Fox News. With McDonalds being the world’s largest fast-food chain, they definitely have the power to make a difference for animals used for food. If the public starts to demand more plant-based menu items these corporations will have to respond. You can help! Request more plant-based options at your local eateries. Whether it be a fast food chain or mom-and-pop diner. Read on to learn more about McDonald’s plans for an all vegetarian restaurant. — Global Animal
Photo Credit: Ecorazzi


Ecorassi, Allyson Koerner

McDonald’s is popular for its “two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions – all on a sesame seed bun” or Big Mac, along with many other not so healthy options. Well, it looks like the fast food chain is turning that around by opening a veggie-only restaurant in India, Fox News reports.

McDonald’s very first veg establishment is set to open the middle of next year near the Golden Temple in the Sikh city of Amritsar in northern India.

“It will be the first time we have opened a vegetarian restaurant,” Rajesh Kumar Maini, a spokesman for McDonald’s in northern India, told AFP. “There is a big opportunity for vegetarian restaurants [in India] as many Indians are vegetarian.”

The company is making such a bold move so as to not exclude those who maintain strict diets. With such a large culture of Hindus and Muslims, whose religion does not allow the consumption beef and pork, this new menu offers more options. Previously, McDonald’s has tailored its menu in India by using chicken rather than beef.

The company also hopes to open another veggie-only location in northwestern Indian Kashmir, a holy Hindu temple.

Hopefully, McDonald’s stays true to this new veg idea and maybe one day we will see more than one plant-based restaurant being built right here in the United States.