Creators Of “The Cove” Launch New Campaign

"The Heist" kickstarter campaign. Photo Credit:

(DOCUMENTARIES) The brilliant minds behind the The Cove are working on their second documentary entitled The Singing Planet. The film will focus on humanity’s role in causing mass extinction and the drastic measures necessary for initiating cultural change. Filmmaker Louie Psihoyos told the Wall Street Journal, “If The Cove was Ocean’s Eleven, the new film’s going to be Ocean’s Twelve. A little bit bigger, better, and higher quality in its production values.” A new kickstarter campaign called “The Heist,” has launched to help The Ocean Preservation Society fund a final and top-secret part of the film. Look below for more on The Singing Planet and The Heist.” — Global Animal 
“The Heist” kickstarter campaign. Photo Credit:

Ecorazzi, Michael Destries

The clever minds behind the fantastic Academy Award-winning film “The Cove” are putting the final touches on their next documentary tentatively titled “The Singing Planet.”

If ‘The Cove’ was ‘Ocean’s Eleven,’ the new film’s going to be ‘Ocean’s Twelve,’” filmmaker Louie Psihoyos told the Wall Street Journal in 2011. “A little bit bigger, better, and higher quality in its production values.”

We’ve been talking about this one for awhile, which will focus on mass extinction and humanity’s role in causing it, but remained puzzled as to how Psihoyos and his team might inject the same undercover thrills that made the first as entertaining as it was informing.

Wonder no more – a new kickstarter campaign has just been launched to help Psihoyos’Ocean Preservation Society fund an elaborate (and top secret) final part of the film currently nicknamed “The Heist.”

“The team that infiltrated The Cove is back—with some new faces—to hatch a plan even bigger and bolder than the last,” the campaign reads. “We’re bringing the sights and sounds of species on the brink of extinction to the front of the world stage, in an event that will forever change what it means to take action for the planet. Departing from the confines of a traditional documentary, the film will capture the drastic measures necessary for initiating cultural change while inspiring millions of viewers to join our mission.”

While the filmmakers are coy on what the undercover mission might be, a promo video shows a whole bunch of people pointing at buildings in NYC. So perhaps something with rogue video projection? No idea – either way, there’s enough here to make us excited over the potential.

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