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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Indian Supermodel Poses For PETA

(CELEBRITY VEGETARIAN) Joining alongside celebrities like Olivia Munn, Indian supermodel and actress Anupama Varma is the latest to bare all in an ad for People for Eithical Treatment of Animals (PETA), sending a pro-vegetarian message to the world. Read on for more on the advertisement and check out the image for yourself. — Global Animal

Georgia Aquariam To Import Wild Belugas

(TAKE ACTION) GEORGIA — The Humane Society of the United States has created a petition against the Georgia Aquarium. The facility is requesting a permit from the National Marine Fisheries Service to import 12 wild caught Beluga Whales for entertainment purposes. The Belugas will be taken from their natural environment and placed in a tank to be guffawed at by insensitive spectators. The permit also entails the legal transport of these marine mammals 6,000 miles by plane. The animals will also be transferred from one container and plane to another during a layover in Belgium. These conditions will be extremely stressful for the whales, and not to mention that their heightened noise sensitivity will be exposed to hours worth of screaming engines. Continue reading and sign the petition to stop the exploitation of these Beluga Whales. — Global Animal

Pup Falls For Treats

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This pup loves her treats so much, she can't stand it! Literally! — Global Animal

Strut Your Mutt To Save Homeless Pets (VIDEO)

(ANIMAL ACTIVISTS) Every day, approximately 9,000 homeless pets are euthanized. The national non-profit organization, Best Friends Animal Society, is implementing no-kill programs and partnerships to support adoption and public spay/neuter programs in order to save these shelter animals. Last year, the organization raised $700,000 through the Strut Your Mutt fundraiser that includes a fun dog walk, dog yoga ("doga"), spa services and free treats for pets, and more. Adoptable pets will also be available on site. With more than 180 groups in the No More Homeless Pets® Network participating in the events and 8,000 registrants across the nine cities, Best Friends Animal Society hopes to raise $1 million this year. Read on for more on the event and how you can participate or donate. — Global Animal

Unusual Animal Discovery In Indonesia

(ANIMAL DISCOVERY) A new species of a nearly toothless rat has been discovered on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. This animal is one of a kind because it is the "first known rodent to lack cheek teeth." There are around 2,300 species of rodents on earth, and all of them have teeth. This creature's lack of teeth is explained by his earthworm diet, making the ability to gnaw and munch on hard things unnecessary. Read on to find out more about this fascinating new discovery. — Global Animal

Parrot & Pal Play Peek-A-Boo

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Not much unlike a baby, this parrot's biggest joy involves endless games of peek-a-boo. What's next? Hide and seek? — Global Animal

Touching Photo Inspires Thousands To Donate

(ANIMAL FRIENDSHIP) MICHIGAN — A picture is worth a thousand words. In the case of John Unger and his dog Schoep, a picture is worth thousands of dollars. After a friend snapped a photograph of Unger rocking his 19 year old, arthritic dog to sleep in the waters of Lake Superior, the picture went viral and compassionate persons from around the world have contributed donations for Schoep's therapy. Continue reading to learn Unger and his companion's story. — Global Animal

Dolphins Murdered In The Gulf

(DOLPHINS) FLORIDA — A bottle nosed dolphin was found dead over the weekend on Elmer Islands Wildlife rescue in Louisiana,  with a bullet hole behind his blowhole. The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are offering a 1,500 thousand dollar reward for information that can lead to the conviction of the killer. Read on for more about this horrific story. — Global Animal 

Kitten Cycled To Safety In Woman’s Bra

(ANIMAL LOVERS) TEXAS — Marjorie Monroy rides 100 miles a week with her cycling club in Texas, but never before had she rode with a kitten stuffed in her bra. When a fellow biker pointed out a lone cat on the side of a 90 degree Texas road, Monroy immediately turned around to see for herself. As soon as the furry companion saw Monroy, she came running to her rescuer. Determined to save the stranded kitty, Monroy rode the remaining ten miles with a cat in her bra. Continue reading to learn how the abandoned feline became Monroy's newest family member. — Global Animal

Laboratory Leather A Reality

(LEATHER) There might be a new item on the market soon for those who want to humanely enjoy the luxury of real leather. Scientists are attempting to develop meat in laboratories in order to bypass the controversial leather industry and create a sustainable food option for the growing human population. Modern Meadow, recently backed by PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, expects to commercially produce in vitro leather within the next five years. Their goal is to modernize the leather industry by editing out the need to raise, slaughter and transport animals, creating an animal and environmentally friendly product. Read on for more on the future product. — Global Animal

Corgi Battles Enemy Door Stop

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This Welsh Corgi doesn't like anything out of the ordinary encroaching on his territory. The door stop will be no more if this little guy has anything to do about it! — Global Animal

URGENT: Salmonella In Target Dog Treats

(FOOD RECALL) Kasell Associated Industries, a Denver-based company, is voluntarily recalling their Boots & Barkley American Beef Bully Sticks treats after a recent outbreak of Salmonella. The company is encouraging all consumers return the products to the place of purchase for a full refund. All pet owners should watch for any symptoms of salmonella and consult their veterinarian immediately. Read on to learn more this recall and what actions should be taken. — Global Animal

CA Governor Has Five Days To Save Bears, Bobcats

(ANIMAL CONSERVATION) CALIFORNIA — Governor Jerry Brown has until September 30, 2012 to sign bill SB 1221 which prevents the hounding of bears and bobcats in the state of California.When hounding, hunters use radio-collared dogs to track and hunt bears and/or bobcats.Hounding not only directly effects the natural species of bears and bobcats, but it often causes many young cubs to be orphaned. It also puts the dogs at risk of death by dehydration or wildlife confrontation and many are  abandoned in shelters. Continue reading to see how you can help protect the bears, bobcats and dogs. — Global Animal

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Wild Horses: Fair Game On Public Land

(TAKE ACTION) The Nevada Department of Agriculture (NDA) collected 23 wild horses from the Virginia Range earlier this month. The “South Reno 23” horses were sent to the Fallon Livestock Yard where they were auctioned off. Purchasers of wild horses are known to truck their winnings to Canada or Mexico to be killed for human consumption. Wild horse advocacy groups in came together to bid for and save these 23 horses. Today, an additional 25 wild horses from the same area will be auctioned off. Advocacy groups are hoping to raise enough funds to save these remaining horses. — Global Animal