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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Custody Battle

(PETS)—As reports of Robert Pattinson moving out of the home he shared with Kristen Stewart swirl around Hollywood, people are wondering what will happen to the couple's dog Bear. The Twilight lovers adopted the puppy together from a high-kill shelter but now the actor is apparently cutting Stewart out of Bear's life. Custody battles over pets are becoming quite a common scenario as pet guardianship is at an all time high. Hopefully all this fighting won't affect the pooch too much. Read on to learn more about this celebrity custody dispute.—Global Animal

Cat Drastically Changes A Boy’s Life

(TOUCHING TALE) ENGLAND — Throughout his entire life, Lorcan Dillon, a young boy suffering from selective mutism, has been unable to express his emotions or even properly communicate with his family. His intense anxiety disorder has prevented him from speaking to fellow classmates or teachers, heavily affecting his social life. A cure to the disease seemed impossible, that is, until Jessi-Cat came along. Routine trips to the doctor, a pill every morning? These are demands Lorcan does not need to hear, as his cat has worked wonders in helping overcome his disability. Read on to learn just how much Lorcan's condition has progressed, and find out how animals have helped tremendously in other recovery stories. — Global Animal

Deaths Spur Shark Hunt In France

(SHARK NEWS) The French government gave the go-ahead for the extermination of bull sharks in the waters off the French Indian Ocean island of Reunion after a rise in shark attacks in the area. The government is giving out financial incentives to fishermen who kill the near threatened marine animal. With shark specialists contending that the drastic initiative will not work and with other humane alternatives on the table, the potential shark cull seems ridiculous and ineffective just to make waters safer for surfers. Read on for more on this potentially tragic and misguided decision. — Global Animal

Cat Gets Piggyback Ride From Dog

(ANIMAL VIDEO) It's clear these two are loving siblings! This pup knows just what to do when their guardian says, "Carry her home!" — Global Animal

Famous Vegetarian And Vegan Olympians

(FAMOUS VEGETARIANS) Olympic athletes are known for having very interesting diets. What they put in their body is a very important component of their strategy for success. The stars of the Olympic games are a huge inspiration to many people so it's great to know that a large number of them have chosen to be vegetarian and vegan. Read on to learn more about some amazing athletes who decided a cruelty free-diet was the best way to go. — Global Animal

Global Animal Visits Animal Acres (GALLERY)

(ANIMAL PICTURES) Global Animal recently visited Animal Acres Farm Sanctuary in Acton, CA where we were able to meet and greet the numerous farm animals and learn about their plight. Having locations in New York, Northern California, and Los Angeles, Farm Sanctuary is currently the nation’s largest and most effective farm animal rescue and protection organization. The Southern California shelter in itself is 26 acres and houses more than 100 farm animals. The sanctuary works to protect animals from the abuses of factory farming and encourages a new awareness in the way society views and treats farm animals. Check out the memorable photos from our life-changing visit! — Global Animal

Buttermilk The Bully Goat

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Buttermilk Sky, a five-week-old Nigerian dwarf goat plays with her fellow baby goats. It seems like it's more fun for her than for them. — Global Animal

Sun Causes First Cases Of Fish Skin Cancer

(FISH NEWS) A new discovery shows that coral trout in the waters of Australia's Great Barrier Reef have developed skin cancer, similar to melanoma in humans. Scientists have related the symptoms to UV rays passing through the largest hole in the ozone. This finding is the first case of skin cancer in fish outside of laboratory tests, in the natural environment. Read on to find out how the depletion of ozone in the earth's atmosphere is not only harmful to terrestrial beings, but animals in the oceans as well. — Global Animal

Giant Panda’s Lucky Six

(ANIMAL NEWS) CALIFORNIA — A twenty-year-old panda named Bai Yun set a record this week when she gave birth to her sixth cub. The latest birth made the San Diego Zoo resident the panda mom with the most babies outside of China. Read on for details about this endangered mammal and how she and her cub are getting along. — Global Animal

Turtle Protection Efforts Frustrate Shrimpers

(TURTLES) LOUISIANA — Shrimpers in the Gulf of Mexico are upset by the efforts taken to protect the endangered Kemp's ridley turtles. The turtles often get caught in the shrimper's nets and drown before they can be released. The federal government is asking shrimpers to install devices on their nets that are like a trap door for the turtles to escape out of. The shrimpers remain resistant to the change, claiming it will hurt their business. Read on for more on the difference of opinion between environmental conservationists and local shrimpers. — Global Animal 

U.S. Representative Supports Dog Fighting

(ANIMAL NEWS)—GOP Rep. Steve King made a shocking statement at a town hall meeting last week where he announced that dog fighting should be legal. He defended his absurd statement by saying that since human fighting is legal not letting dogs fight would be prioritizing animals over humans. King is also the creator of an amendment that targets animal protection and environmental laws. Read on to learn what the Humane Society has to say on the issue. —Global Animal

Ricky Gervais speaking in support of the global movement to end cosmetic testing on animals. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Comedian Ricky Gervais Isn’t Laughing About Animal Testing

(CELEBRITY NEWS) Ricky Gervais from The Office is speaking in support of the global movement to end cosmetic testing on animals. As part of the Humane Society International's "Be Cruelty Free" campaign, Gervais spoke against various companies' decision to manufacture and sell in China, where animal testing can be required by law. Animal testing is ethically appalling and torturous for the animals, and it often breeds faulty results. Read more to learn about companies involved in animal testing and Gervais' admirable participation in the campaign to end this cruel practice. – Global Animal

Wildlife-Tracking Website: Bonus Or Danger?

(WILDLIFE SAFETY) SOUTH AFRICA — This month, a young student attracted Google's attention after creating a website that provides updates of animal's whereabouts in a South African national park. While the intricate website initially sounds like a dream for tourists and professional photographers, it leaves some worrying about potential poachers who would be able to locate these exotic animals with just the click of a button. Could this be a threat, or should we celebrate the schoolboy's complex invention? Read on for more details on the site, and tell us what you think! — Global Animal