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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Juicy Couture Founders Support Fur In Fashion

(TAKE ACTION) The Skaist Taylor’s founders, who previously owned Juicy Couture, are officially no longer fur-free.  The duo will be releasing a fall line that promotes real fur, and consumers are feeling the heat as they must decide whether or not to continue buying these products that now support animal abuse. While many people are under the false impression that animals are left unharmed when skinned for their fur, this is not the case at all. Animals bred on these fur farms are heavily abused and often left to die in excruciatingly painful ways, and Skaist Taylor is now in support of that. Read on for more details about real fur in fashion, and sign the petition to stop this line from hurting animals.  — Global Animal 

Puppies need plenty of rest! Photo credit: Cute Attack

Puppy Talks In Sleep

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Whatever this pup is dreaming about, he sure is vocal! — Global Animal

School Teaches Abuse Over Compassion

(KIDS AND ANIMALS) While most kids learn science and math in school, the kids in New Zealand's Uruti School are learning how to dress up dead possums in bikinis. The school is in hot water after holding a very bizarre fundraiser which consisted of a fashion show featuring dead possums dressed up by children. While possums are protected in Australia, they are unfortunately considered a pest in New Zealand. Read on to find out the school principal's explanation for why she let this happen. — Global Animal

New Kitty Cam: Outdoor Cats Vs. Wildlife

(ANIMAL NEWS) GEORGIA — Ever wonder what your outdoor cat has been doing all day without you? The University of Georgia and the National Geographic Society have answers and the results are rather startling. The study reveals that house cats are most likely outside hunting wildlife like birds and lizards. The new results show that cats kill far more than a billion animals per year, more than previously thought. Read on for more on the study and how house cats are affecting native bird populations in North America.  — Global Animal

Sheep Texting Their Shepherds

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) SWITZERLAND — What if your animal had a collar that could detect, prevent, and notify you via text message when they were in danger? For Swiss sheep, this device is a reality. In a trial, the collar detected a change in the sheep's heart rate when wolves were nearby. It released a repellent to drive away the wolves and alerted the shepherds via SMS. Read on for more on these texting sheep! — Global Animal 

Possum Loves Strawberries

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This possum, who was abandoned as a baby, loves to munch on a good strawberry snack. The verdict is in: possums love strawberries. — Global Animal 

Zoo Break-In Leaves Animals Slaughtered And Missing

(ZOO) AUSTRALIA — Dozens of animals are missing and nine birds were  brutally slaughtered  after a break-in at an Australia zoo. The vandals cut the locks off several bird, wallaby, and monkey enclosures late Thursday or Friday evening. About 60 birds and animals are missing, including two extremely rare swift parrots and 5 quolls. Read on for more details. — Global Animal 

Rachael Ray and ASCPA Launch A Tasty Challenge

(CELEBRITY NEWS) Rachael Ray is cooking up a new concoction, one that will help animals! The ASPCA Rachael Ray $100,000 Challenge encourages animal rescue shelters to increase adoption rates by utilizing innovative and original strategies. The three month long competition will breed a $100,000 winner and many other monetary grant recipients. This praiseworthy campaign is a great incentive for shelters that will lead many animals into safe, happy homes. Read on to learn more about the challenge and how you can help! – Global Animal

Paul McCartney Fights For Elephant’s Life

(ANIMAL WELFARE) Singer Paul McCartney has joined an international battle to save a baby elephant that's being kept chained and alone in a shed in India. The Beatles icon is very concerned about Sunder, the elephant, because the baby has no medical treatment and is suffering from a bad eye injury sustained from his handler's abuse. Sunder is another casualty of a bizarre religious trend where elephants are showcased in front of temples to represent a Hindu god. Unfortunately all the elephant is representing now is animal cruelty. Read on to see how Paul McCartney is helping baby Sunder. — Global Animal

Baby Walrus Wants A Hug

(ANIMAL VIDEO) The Alaska SeaLife Center is rehabilitating a stranded baby male Pacific walrus, estimated at only four to six weeks old. This little guy is so sweet, he just tries to hug everyone! — Global Animal

Sumatran Elephants Swarm Village

(ELEPHANTS) INDONESIA — About 20 endangered Sumatran elephants entered Braja Indah village in Lampung, Indonesia yesterday in search of food.  The villagers have been using torches and firecrackers in an attempt to herd the elephants away. A farmer from the same village was accidentally trampled to death in April and since then at 5 elephants have been poisoned. Read on for the full story. — Global Animal  

Think Olympic Athletes Are Unbeatable? Think Again

(WILDLIFE) At the moment the world is focused on extraordinary human athletes as they enter the second week of the London Olympics. We imagine our Olympic champions to be unrivaled and unbeatable, but as humans we often make the mistake of thinking that we are the best at everything. So as we celebrate the amazing achievements by humans in sports, let's also take a minute to recognize that even our fastest, toughest, and most focused athletes cannot compare to our friends in the animal kingdom. To put it into perspective: a cheetah runs twice as fast as our top sprinters. Read on to find out more about some very impressive animal athletes. — Global Animal

Social interactions between cows can influence their health, welfare and milk yield. Photo Credit: REX

Crucial Friendships In The Fields

(FARM ANIMALS) The value of friendship is immeasurable, as studies say maintaining these relationships can improve mental and physical health, add years to your life and ensure an overall happy wellbeing. Researchers in the UK are highlighting this factor during a study on cow social structure and interactions. Scientists are hoping to determine how social interactions can influence cow health, welfare and milk yield.  Hopefully this research doesn't just lead to increase sales for dairy farmers, but improvements in the treatment and lives of these cows. — Global Animal

Bulldog Dreams Of Treats

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This snoring bulldog won't let an afternoon nap get in the way of a snack! — Global Animal