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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Bloodthirsty Species Discovered In South American Cave

(ANIMAL DISCOVERY) VENEZUELA — It might look cute, but this cricket is certainly an insect you don't want to be near. Last week, a film crew exploring a South American cave came across several new species, most notably this flesh-eating cricket. While the fact that these insects are blood thirsty certainly makes them intriguing, they also have the amazing ability to swim. And it doesn't stop there. The unnamed cricket has adapted to its cave conditions by growing specialized palps for better senses and coordination in the dark. Read on for more about the amazing, intelligent species found in this single expedition. — Global Animal

Sumatran Rhinos Spotted For First Time In 26 Years

(ENDANGERED SPECIES/RHINOS) For the first time in 26 years, seven Sumatran rhinos were spotted on hidden camera in Indonesia's Mount Leuser National Park. As the Sumatran rhino population has dropped 50 percent over the past 20 years, conservationists feared the critically endangered species had completely disappeared from the region. In fact, there are now believed to be fewer than 200 rhinos left in the entire world. We hope that this discovery will encourage more efforts to conserve the species. Read on to learn more about this victorious discovery. —  Global Animal

New Tees To Free Farm Animals

(TAKE ACTION) With summer coming to an end and fall lines rolling in, we’ve been hearing a lot of news about fashion industries returning to promote their real fur products. But it's not all bad news. Fashion designer John Bartlett in collaboration with Farm Sanctuary, North America’s largest and most successful farm animal rescue organization, has launched "The Ambassador Collection," a new collection of clothing to support animals rather than hurt them. — Global Animal

Go For Gold: Olympic Winners Of The Natural World

(OLYMPIC GAMES) With the 2012 London Olympics coming to an end, the world has seen some of the best athletes in the world win awards for their amazing feats. But humans aren't always the best athletes. Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt might be known as the fastest man, but he still can't outrun a cheetah! Read on for the International Union for Conservation of Nature's list of the gold medallists in the animal kingdom. — Global Animal

Orphaned Kangaroo And Wombat Become Friends

(MARSUPIALS) AUSTRALIA — A 5-month-old baby kangaroo, Anzac, and a 5-month-old wombat named Peggy have become the best of friends. The unlikely pair of marsupials bonded after both their mothers were hit by cars. They share a man-made pouch together and spend their days cuddling like siblings. Look below for more on Peggy and Anzac and their incredible bond. — Global Animal   

Bulldog Won’t Give Up On Sleep

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This couch is kryptonite for this sleepy English bulldog Barney. — Global Animal

Memphis Grizzlies’ Zach Randolph Gives Pitbull New Life

(ANIMAL RESCUE) Memphis Grizzlies forward Zach Randolph has recently offered to pay $10,000 for the rehabilitation and adoption of a male pitbull. After hearing the story of the pooch who was discovered 15 feet down a drain pipe in mid-July, the basketball player and pit bull advocate arranged for the dog to be cared for at Villalobos Rescue Center in New Orleans. Read on to learn more about Randolph's efforts and the pup's plight.  —  Global Animal

Controversial Methods For Limiting Baby Zoo Animals

(ANIMAL WELFARE) Zoos face the constant struggle of controlling population capacity and preserving genetic diversity within their animals, resulting in a varied and controversial set of answers. Birth control and euthanasia are being used on animals in captivity in North America and Europe, respectively. Both strategies offer a different approach, but we believe the animals' welfare should be the utmost importance, and euthanizing innocent animals should not be a solution. Should wild animals be euthanized just because there is no space in captivity? Read more to learn about these conflicting methods. — Global Animal

International Crackdown On Illegal Animal Trade

(ANIMAL WELFARE) This week, a giant black market bust left 4,000 people arrested and over twice that number of animals rescued. There was no hiding for these criminals, as officials were determined to save the tropical birds and put an end to their illegal trade. Many of these trafficked species are endangered, so this raid left animal advocates hopeful for the restoration of exotic European birds. Read on for more about the black market trade dangers and how much this operation has helped wildlife. — Global Animal

Dog Swims With Dolphins

(ANIMAL FRIENDSHIPS) AFRICA — Black lab, Kira, has made some extraordinary friends. The dog has taken to swimming with wild dolphins off the African coast where she lives. Kira's guardian is the founder of the Somente Aqua Dolphin Center in Ponta de Ouro, and calls Kira,"the dolphin spotter". Look below to watch Kira swim with her dolphin pals. — Global Animal 

Kitten Feeding Time

(ANIMAL VIDEO) These adorable kittens are impatient for feeding time! — Global Animal 

Paul Watson Red Listed By Interpol

(SEA SHEPHERD) Paul Watson, the Captain of Sea Shepherd, has been put on Interpol's "Red Notice" for escaping Germany to avoid extradition to Costa Rica. Interpol's "Red Notice" is something like an international arrest warrant, but because the notice is a bit vague it is up to each of the 190 member countries to decide whether they will arrest Watson. Thankfully the founder of Sea Shepherd isn't too worried and plans to continue his work. Read on to see what he has to say about his international mishap. — Global Animal

Singer Raffi Says Goodbye To His ‘Baby Beluga’

(WHALE NEWS) The beluga whale named Kavna that inspired singer Raffi to create the great children's song "Baby Beluga" passed away at the Vancouver Aquarium on Monday. The 46-year-old whale is thought to have suffered from cancer in her last years. Although Kavna did not swim so wild and swim so free like the song's memorable lyrics, she touched a generation through one brief yet powerful encounter with the children's singer and advocate. Read on for the profound impact this beautiful whale had on the world. — Global Animal

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Seeing Double: Cloned Athletes Allowed In Olympics

(ANIMAL WELFARE) Cloning superb athletes for future Olympics may seem like a far-fetched notion, but it is closer than you think. Last month, the Féderation Equestre Internationale authorized cloned horses to compete in upcoming games. Discussion over the morality, integrity, and practicality of this overturned rule is expanding. Read on to learn about the lifted ban and its potential threat  to horse welfare. — Global Animal