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Monthly Archives: August 2012

DiCaprio Reports Good News For Tiger Populations

(CELEBRITY NEWS) Actor Leonardo DiCaprio shared some promising news on tiger populations in Nepal recently. Through camera traps, the World Wildlife Fund reports that numbers have doubled in three years thanks to a successful conservation campaign that includes local communities, park rangers, and government support. Read on for more on the good news and how with the right efforts, declining wildlife populations can turn around. — Global Animal


Charity Event Finds Dogs & Cats New Homes (GALLERY)

(ANIMAL ADOPTION PHOTOS) EASTERN EUROPE — The largest city and capital of Belarus, Minsk, recently held a successful charity event in support of abandoned dogs and cats in the area. The Public Association for Animal Protection organized the event in the hope of pairing these adorable homeless animals with devoted families. Many of the dogs, though disabled, still showed lots of love to potential pet guardians and even responded to commands. Meet these special dogs, and don't hesitate to pick similar ones up at a shelter near you. — Global Animal

Attack Of The Baby Wombat

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Incoming! Who wouldn't love this adorable wombat waddle? — Global Animal

Rescued Pitbull Fights Terrorism

(ANIMAL RESCUE) Upon discovering an abandoned pit bull puppy tied to a wall in a North Carolina warehouse, dog handler Michael Bullock has since nursed the pooch back to health and is training him to be a bomb-sniffing dog. After displaying immediate signs of talent and high-functioning skills, the pup named Binnie is now ready to fight terrorism in Africa and will be working to identify explosives in Kenya. Read on to learn more about this heroic pup's miraculous story. — Global Animal

Tommy Lee Says No To SeaWorld

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM) Tommy Lee, founding member of Motley Crue, is personally forbidding SeaWorld San Diego from using any tracks from his band's records. With the risk of his tracks being used in any of the "Shamu Rocks" shows, Lee has come forward to refuse SeaWorld the rights and also remind the world how sensitive whales are to sound. While these orcas are already put in captivity against their will, they should not have to additionally endure high sound stress. Join forces with Tommy Lee and steer clear of SeaWorld. — Global Animal

Therapeutic Swims For Man And Best Friend

(TOUCHING TALE) MINNESOTA — When professional photographer Hannah Stonehouse Hudson took a touching photo of her friend John and his dog Schoep, she had no idea of the effect it would have on thousands of people. John rescued Schoep when he was just an 8-month-old puppy, and now at the old age of 19 his bones ache with arthritis and he is almost blind. John takes Schoep out to Lake Superior to float and let the water take some pressure off his best friend's aching joints. Read more on this touching tale below.  — Global Animal 

Spotted: Dalmatian Adopts Lamb

(ANIMAL VIDEO) A dalmatian on a South Australian farm stepped into the role of mom after a spotted little lamb was abandoned by its mother. — Global Animal

Police Shut Down Cambodia’s First PETA Protest

(PETA) CAMBODIA — Police broke up PETA's first protest in Cambodia on Monday, saying the activists who were sitting outside KFC had disturbed public order with their strange behavior. A local onlooker claimed Cambodians don't have much knowledge on animal rights and are mostly concerned with the chemicals that may be in their food. These protestors were taken to the local police station, but hopefully PETA can find other ways to educate Cambodians about animal welfare. Read on for more information. — Global Animal 

Vegetarian Beagle Thief

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Youtube sensation Maymo the beagle has moved on from his quirky antics with fruits to vegetables. — Global Animal

Circus Deals Aren’t Making Everyone Happy

(CIRCUS CRUELTY) Circus animals live a life of terror, abuse, and misery, and one company is aiding in its continuance. Groupon offers discounts for circuses, despite a whirlwind of outcry and petition from animal rights activists. Circuses, like the Ringling Bros., are merely animal cruelty disguised and disgraceful forms of entertainment for all audiences. Read on to learn more about Groupon's involvement and outside protest. — Global Animal

Chimp’s Plea For Freedom

(ZOO ANIMALS) A chimpanzee at the Welsh Mountain Zoo made a heartbreaking plea for freedom when he used what appears to be sign language to ask people to open his cage. Passerbys noticed the chimp gesturing and tapping on the window. This isn't the first instance when a wild animal in captivity has tried to escape his situation. Read on to find out more about this chimp's desperate bid for freedom and why this is just one more reason why wildlife should not be in captivity. — Global Animal

Dog Rescues Pups To Safety Of Fire Truck

(DOG RESCUE) Amazing photos of a mother dog rescuing her litter of puppies from a house fire in Chile went viral on Friday. The mother, Amanda, apparently knew the safest place to bring her pups. The heroic mom carried each one away from the flames to the safety of a nearby fire truck. The 10-day-old puppies were transported to La Clínica Veterinaria Altamira where they are recuperating with their mother. Read on for more. — Global Animal

Spiderman Dog Is Unstoppable

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This dog from the Ukraine can do more amazing parkour feats than most people. And those doggie goggles don't look half bad either! — Global Animal

Natalie Portman’s Vegan Wedding

(VEGAN CELEBRITY) Vegetarian-turned-vegan actress Natalie Portman married Benjamin Millepied cruelty-free style last weekend. The Black Swan actress wed the French choreographer in a down-to-earth ceremony featuring a vegan menu. The eco-friendly couple also opted to only have flowers that were indigenous to the area. Read on to find out more details about Natalie's wedding. — Global Animal