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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Face Of Dogfighting: Stallone’s Story (VIDEO)

(ANIMAL WELFARE) GOP Representative Steve King recently announced that he believes dog fighting should be legal. Thankfully, the Humane Society reminds us why King's statement is so horrific and wrong. The animal welfare organization helps us get a closer look at the sad realities of the dog fighting world through a memorable and touching video. The five minute clip features the story of Stallone, a dog who went through a great deal of trauma, yet still remained man's best friend in the midst of all his suffering. Read on to learn more about Stallone's journey and why it is so important to put an end to animal fighting. — Global Animal

Puppy Plays Tune On Banjo

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This lei-donning dachshund strums a little tune on the banjo. — Global Animal

California Boasts Best Season For Whale Watching

(ANIMAL NEWS) CALIFORNIA — Large numbers of endangered blue and humpback whales are flocking to the waters of Monterey Bay after a sudden increase in krill, their main food source. Whale watching enthusiasts are taking advantage of the rare and life-changing experience of getting up close to the marine animals, but experts worry that more whales could mean more collisions with nearby ships. Read on for more on the new whale population off the California coast. — Global Animal

For Better Or Worse? India’s Ban On Tiger Tourism

(WILD LIFE) INDIA — India's supreme court imposed an interim ban on tourism activities in core tiger habitats last month. The ban is in response to the belief that tourism adversely affects the threatened tiger population, although tour guides and wildlife protection officials in India claim that tourism protects against both poachers and wilderness devastation. Read on to learn more about tiger tourism and the arguments over what effect a permanent ban would have on the lives of thousands of individuals and the approximate 1,700 tigers living in India. — Global Animal

Robot Rides Waves to Unveil Ocean Mysteries

(ANIMAL STUDY) CALIFORNIA — Shark studies won't die out with this year's Shark Week, as Stanford University has released a surfing robot which will follow sharks and other sea creatures along the California coast. Though the machine is planning to collect a ton of information, it is not limited to Stanford scientists. In fact, a cellphone app called "Shark Net" allows anyone with an iPhone or iPad to track the sea animals as well. Individuals hundreds of miles inland can connect with the ocean and the wonderful inhabitants within it. Read on for more details about the app and how its impending knowledge could help sealife in the near future. — Global Animal

NYC Carriage Horse Hits Car

(CARRIAGE HORSES) NEW YORK — Oreo, a New York City carriage horse, bolted through the streets on Thursday after crashing into a limo. The terrified horse ran four blocks through traffic and among pedestrians before emergency responders could stop him. Read on for more on similar incidents with carriage horses and why many animal advocates and New York City citizens hope to have carriage horses taken off the streets. — Global Animal 

Sunny Sings Addams Family Jingle

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Sunny the cockatiel is the biggest Addams Family fan! — Global Animal

Dog Rescued After 8 Days On Mountain

(ANIMAL NEWS) COLORADO — An abandoned German shepherd, Missy, was found trapped under rocks and badly injured on a Colorado mountain. Her guardian had left her on the mountain during a storm eight days before and never returned for her. Now Missy's guardian is being charged with animal cruelty, yet still wants his dog back. Read on for more on Missy's story. — Global Animal 

Megan’s Meat-Free Monday: Smokey Rosemary Popcorn

Do you want theater-style popcorn at home? How about better than theater popcorn. You'll never have to buy or burn microwave popcorn again. Once you try this recipe you'll never go back! You can even prepare the popcorn the night before and store in an airtight container to enjoy the  next day. Popcorn is a fun, delicious snack for the whole family!


American Jaguars To Roam U.S. Lands

(ENDANGERED SPECIES) A new proposal from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service designates land throughout Arizona and New Mexico to protect the habitat of the nearly extinct American jaguar. The proposal comes after a long fight to protect the big cats, wildlife officials arguing that in order to save the endangered species, their habitat must be protected. Read on for more on this promising news. — Global Animal  


Baby Donkey Needs Help Getting Around

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Primrose was born prematurely and has some cool pink casts on her front legs to help her legs fully develop. We'll sign your casts, Primrose! — Global Animal

Hundreds Join In Marineland Protest

(MARINE PARKS/ANIMAL WELFARE)—After the poor conditions of animals at Marineland were recently revealed by former employees, outraged animal lovers decided to stage a huge protest. The demonstration took place on Saturday and hundreds of people fought to end breeding programs and move the remaining animals to sanctuaries. Now the Niagara Falls Humane Society will inspect the park to see if animal mistreatment is indeed taking place. Read on to find out what Marineland has to say in response.—Global Animal


Friends Mango And Milkshake Do Laundry

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Mango and Milkshake aren't just the cutest things ever. They're also available for adoption! — Global Animal

If you already have a pet, make sure to adopt a dog that will get along well with other furry animals. Photo Credit: istockphoto

Pet Guardianship In Decline

(PETS) The American Veternary Medical Association surveyed 50,000 U.S. homes and found that pet guardianship has decreased by 2.4 percent since 2006. Given the country's current economic troubles, and as fewer Americans live in family situations, individuals are much less likely to care for a pet nowadays. With so many animals in local shelters, we can only hope that more people will open their homes to these great companions. Read on to learn more about current pet statistics in the U.S. —  Global Animal