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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Ferret Farm Fined For Animal Cruelty

(ANIMAL CRUELTY) The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently fined a large Pennsylvania ferret farm $44,000 for violating animal welfare and labor laws, including eight violations of the Animal Welfare Act. Prior to the federal fines, PETA conducted a four-month undercover investigation at Triple F Farms, a mass supplier to the Centers for Disease Control and pet retailers. Their findings revealed chronic and fatal neglect of thousands of ferrets, prompting subsequent federal inspections which found similar conditions. However, despite probable cause, animal cruelty charges were shockingly deferred. Read on for more on the investigation and sign the petition demanding that the Centers for Disease Control cancel its $1.5 million contract with Triple F. — Global Animal

Happy Feet: Goose Edition

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This bar-headed goose is so excited, he just can't hide it! — Global Animal

Panda Pregnancy Watch Continues

(GIANT PANDAS) WASHINGTON DC — The question of whether the National Zoo's giant panda Mei Xiang is pregnant will soon be determined. Panda watchers say she's in the final stage of her reproductive cycle, and they will soon know if the pregnancy is real or pseudo. It is notoriously difficult to tell when a giant panda is pregnant, and Washington D.C. has tried hard to add members to the dwindling population. Read on for more on Mei Xiang and how her pregnancy might affect this endangered species. — Global Animal 

This Chimp Ready To Rule The World? (VIDEO)

(ANIMAL INTELLIGENCE) Is the rise of the planet of the apes here? Already a master of sign language, Kanzi, a bonobo (formerly called pygmy chimpanzees), has moved on to creating and using tools in a new way. Although not a novel feat for the highly intelligent bonobos, the variety and technical sophistication of the tools Kanzi has created is startling. These tools are remarkably similar to those shaped by early Homosapiens 2.5 million years ago. Read on to learn more about how close our closest relatives really are to rising up and taking over. — Global Animal

Rhino Deaths Predicted To Hit Record Highs

(RHINOCEROS) AFRICA — Wildlife monitoring network, TRAFFIC, has predicted that by the end of this year over 500 rhinos will have fallen victim to poaching. Despite the increased security measures taken by countries like South Africa, poachers are still one step ahead. The demand for rhino horn is increasing and is used for everything from supposedly curing cancer to a recreational drug rumored to cure hangovers. Read on for more on the human impact on the future of this endangered species. — Global Animal 

Porter Pulls On His Grumpy Pants

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Porter the English Bulldog is not too happy about having his leash on. Does that mean a dreadful walk? — Global Animal

p>When not performing, Lolita is confined to a small tank. Photo Credit:

Animal Legal Defense Fund & PETA vs. Seaquarium

(ANIMAL WELFARE) Today, animal activists including the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF), PETA, the Orca Network, and private citizens filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) challenging the decision to renew Miami Seaquarium's federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA) license. ALDF and PETA currently have another lawsuit pending against the National Marine Fisheries Service for excluding the last orca remaining at the marine park, Lolita, from the endangered list of Pacific Northwest's Southern Resident orcas. Read on to learn more about the lawsuits and sign the petition for Lolita's freedom. — Global Animal

Pet Gaurdians Penalized For Not Giving A Crap

(PET CARE) Poo Prints, a dog DNA lab in Tennessee, has developed the ability to link dogs to their poop via their DNA. This has become extremely useful for condominium and apartment owners sick of tenants not cleaning up after their pets. In some complexes, the guardians of the guilty pet will be fined and the cost of the test is taken out of their pet deposit. Read on for more on the new test and how holding pet guardians accountable will hopefully encourage landlords to make more properties pet friendly. — Global Animal 

Six Flags Wild Safari Closes Drive-Thru

(ANIMAL NEWS) NEW JERSEY — Six Flags Great Adventure amusement park in Jackson, New Jersey will shut down their exclusive Wild Safari after September 30. For years the historic site allowed visitors to take their own vehicles through a designated trail to visit a variety of exotic animals and more than 75 species including African lions, Asian water buffaloes, elephants and zebras. — Global Animal

Horrific Abuse At In-N-Out-Burger Supplier (VIDEO)

(ANIMAL NEWS) The animal rights group Compassion Over Killing revealed a shocking video of their undercover investigation into Central Valley Meat Co., a California slaughterhouse that supplies meat to fast food chain In-N-Out-Burger and the National School Lunch Program. The video shows employees prodding and electrically shocking cows unable to walk. Crippled cows are repeatedly shot in the head by workers or suffocated, direct violations of federal regulations. The USDA shut down the slaughterhouse and is now investigating into the inhumane treatment of these animals while In-N-Out-Burger reportedly canceled their contract. Read on to learn why slaughterhouses need much stricter regulations and harsher penalties.— Global Animal

Sneaky Dog Steals Kibble

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Just when you least expect it, this furry little thief grabs some of his sibling's dog food.  — Global Animal

Say Hi To “Cave Robber,” A Newly Discovered Spider

(ANIMAL DISCOVERY) A new spider family has been discovered in the Pacific Northwest caves and forests. Trogloraptor, or "Cave Robber," is a large spider with long claws. So far it is unknown on what the spider preys on and all the places it inhabits. Scientists are also quite shocked that such a large spider went undetected for so long. Read on to find out more about this exciting discovery. — Global Animal

Silverstone Requests Vegan Meals For Pussy Riot

(CULTURE) Actress Alicia Silverstone wrote a letter to Russia's Prime Minister Vlaimir Putin asking for vegan meals to be offered to all Russian inmates, including musician Maria Alekhina. Alekhina, a vegan member of the punk-band Pussy Riot, reportedly collapsed from hunger during trial. The denial of a vegan meal prompted Silverstone to take action to speak up for her choice of eating animals or going hungry. The band was sentenced to prison after preforming an anti-Putin song at a cathedral in Moscow. Read on to discover more on the world-wide campaign to "Free Pussy Riot." — Global Animal

The Newest Tumblr Trend: Dog Shaming! (GALLERY)

(FUNNY PET PICTURES) Dog shaming, the new sensation sweeping the internet, is a tumblr dedicated to exposing daily dog and cat crimes. Pet guardians know that sometimes it's hard not to get frustrated when you come home and realize your pooch has chewed through your shoes for the millionth time. So sit back and release all your pet frustration by looking at hilarious pictures of these shame-faced adorable criminals.—Global Animal