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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Zoo Trail Allows Animals To Monkey Around

(ZOO ANIMALS) PENNSYLVANIA — Orangutans can now stretch their limbs and explore more of the 42-acre Philadelphia Zoo outside of their enclosures. The Great Ape trail opened last week and plans to eventually be time-shared with big cats. The zoo already has a 700-foot-long Treetop Trail in use that allows small monkeys and lemurs to roam around zoo-goers overhead. The zoo has plans to open another trail to benefit zebras, hippos and giraffes. Read on to learn more about Philly Zoo's innovative enclosure alternatives to improve the lives of the resident wildlife. — Global Animal    


Founder of Dog Rescue Wanted for Animal Cruelty

(ANIMAL NEWS) VIRGINIA — Could Michael Vick's animal abuse be living on? In a twisted scenario, it could seem that way, as numerous complaints about the treatment of dogs at Dogs Deserve Better has caused an investigation. While the compound is infamous for Michael Vick's former dogfighting operation, founder Tamira Thayne recently took over the property to create a dog rescue in hopes of bringing justice to the hundreds of dogs that were abused there. Somewhere, something went wrong, and Thayne is wanted for animal cruelty. The kennel is still up and running, but accusations are flying. Hopefully the whole situation is a misunderstanding; no more dogs need to suffer at this site, or anywhere for that matter. — Global Animal

Baby Elephant Rescued From Chains

(ANIMAL WELFARE) Paul McCartney along with other celebrities joined an international battle to save a baby elephant in India last month. Sunder the elephant was chained alone in a shed and abused by his handler. Thanks to the amazing public outcry and hard work of animal advocates, the Indian forest minister has agreed to free the baby. As of now, the plan is to move Sunder to a wildlife refuge where he will be able to live in peace and pain-free. Read on for more details on this fantastic rescue story. — Global Animal

Sneaky Ninja Cat Is Back!

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Ninja cat is back with this new feline installment! — Global Animal

Arctic Sea Ice Will Hit Record Low

(ENVIRONMENT) — Arctic sea ice levels are set to hit record lows this September. With the ice melting and the ocean temperatures becoming warmer the effect on animals is not going to be good. Polar bears among many other animals depend heavily on the ice for survival. Read on for more about this disappointing discovery.  — Global Animal 

Megan’s Meat-Free Monday’s: Italian Marinara Sub

(VEGAN RECIPE) Do you love sandwiches? This week's Meat-Free Monday meatball sub is one of my favorite sandwiches to make and one of the simplest. You can use store bought vegan meatballs or make your own. You can also use your favorite jarred marinara sauce and just zing it up a little by adding you own herbs and spices. The bread is also a very important factor. Luckily fresh baked bread is usually easy to come by at your local grocer. What's your favorite veggie sandwich? Or non-veg sandwich that you would like to see veganized! — Global Animal

Canine’s Impressive Shake ‘N Dry Ability (VIDEO)

(LIFE WITH PETS) Put down the blowdryers, your dog can dry himself! We all try to avoid the inevitable dog shake while bathing our pups. Remarkably as a dog shakes, his spine moves at a 30° angle, yet his skin moves at a 90° angle both left and right. Researchers at Georgia Tech found that in just four seconds a dog can shake himself 70% dry. Check out this high-speed video of Chipper, a yellow lab, drying off at 4.3 shakes a second! — Global Animal

Kitty Doesn’t Like What He Sees

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Gosh, what is that awful, futuristic necklace that feline is wearing? Seriously, no fashion sense. — Global Animal

Penguins Gone Rogue

(PENGUINS) JAPAN — Penguins at Suzaka Zoo are giving their keepers a run for their money. A group of 3-month-old chicks keep escaping from their exhibit. This is not the first time penguins have escaped from this zoo, earlier this year a Humboldt penguin manages to escape for 82 days. It seems like the Suzaka zoo needs to up their penguin security! Read on for more about these intelligent animals! — Global Animal 


Vegan Diet: Longer, Healthier, More Energized Lifestyle

(COMPASSIONATE LIVING) The cruelty towards animals that happen within the walls of a slaughterhouse is sickening. Animals are confined to tiny spaces, electrically stunned, battered, and objectified, all for increased profitability. Livestock production is also a major cause of land degradation, pollution, and climate change. Becoming vegan not only opposes cruelty, but also is a treat for your body. — Global Animal

Rare Sand Cat Kittens Born In Israel

(EXTINCT SPECIES) ISRAEL — Four rare sand kittens were born yesterday at the Zoological Center of Tel Aviv in Israel. This makes them the first sand kittens born in the country since 1990 when they became extinct. After they are old enough to leave their mother they are going to be sent to other zoos in to help the species continue to reproduce. Read on for more on these incredibly rare and adorable cats! — Global Animal 

Attack Of The Kissing Puppies

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Look out, it's a puppy invasion! Let them do their worst. — Global Animal

Giraffes Grieve: Science Catches Up To Common Sense

(ANIMAL CONNECTION) How many incidences do we have to record for science to acknowledge that many different species grieve? Now, after a giraffe stands guard beside her dead loved one for four days and another giraffe spends hours with her stillborn, zoologists seem ready to add them to the list. Mourning behaviors have also been found in other social animals such as elephants, mountain gorillas and monkeys. While it may be inconvenient to ascribe grieving behavior to animals (because we would have to change the way we view and treat them), their behaviors show time and again that they conceptualize death and feel our same aching emotions. — Global Animal

Bullfighting Returns To Spanish Television

(ANIMAL ABUSE) SPAIN — Bullfighting, a Spanish tradition, will return to public TV after being absent on the air for the last six years. Animal rights activists and even many Spaniards themselves are outraged over the act, especially as children will now be able to view the violent and abusive festivals. This is yet another unfortunate setback in bullfighting and animal welfare. Read on to see why bullfighting originally left television years ago and the toll it might take on these poor animals. — Global Animal