Elisabeth Torres, Global Animal 

Gang violence is not only affecting people in Mexico. A dog who had his front paws cut off by an organized drug cartel is now able to walk and play again thanks to his new prosthetic legs. Pay de Limon, or Lemon Pie, was found bleeding in a dumpster after his run-in with the heartless criminals. It’s suspected the cartel members were practicing torture methods, like cutting fingers off people who are kidnapped. 

Photo credit: Reuters

Luckily Lemon Pie was taken to Milagros Caninos shelter where they treated his wounds and gave him a safe place to stay. The issue remained that he was still left with two short front limbs that were near impossible to walk on. 

In years past, if an animal had damage done to more than one limb euthanasia was the most likely option. Thankfully artificial limb technology for animals has been revolutionized in the last few years and Lemon Pie was a good candidate. Workers at Milagros Caninos raised $8,000 to pay for two custom prosthetic front legs.

Shelter workers say Lemon Pie is quickly adjusting to the limbs and can wear them for longer and longer each day. Amazingly, Lemon Pie was able to overcome horrific animal cruelty and can now walk, run, and play with the rest of the dogs in the shelter!