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As hurricane Issac hits the Gulf Coast on the anniversary of Katrina, many animals are in danger. Dozens of people have already been rescued from their flooded homes, but what will happen to their pets? According to CNN, power outages have reached over 700,000 homes and energy officials predict it will be days before it is restored, making communication with the affected areas uncertain at best. The full extent of the damage will not be known until the storm leaves the area. 

Spot checks into the hurricane shelter at the Belle Chasse Auditorium. Photo credit: Chris Graythen/Getty Images

So far the two main organizations involved with relocating animals from the affected areas are In Defense Of Animals and Animal Rescue Front, a small all-volunteer organization. “It is hard to say how bad the situation is because the worst may not occur until after the storm has left the area, which is what we experienced after Katrina,” said Chris McLaughlin from Animal Rescue Front. She also noted that surprisingly many shelters are not interested in helping, but added, “Regardless of that we are committed to pulling animals out of New Orleans as soon as they tell us to get in there and do so.” 

Erip Phelps from In Defense Of Animals said that the organization is putting together a transport of about 30-40 animals out of the Jefferson Parish Animal shelter, the area that is most in need. “We’re pulling healthy, adoptable animals out to make room for animals displaced by the storm and owner surrenders. The shelter did see an increase in intakes in the days prior to the storm and expects that to only get worse in the coming days and weeks.”

The transport of animals in the area is still necessary. To find out how to help please contact Eric Phelps at [email protected] Check back for updates on this developing story.

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