Baby Elephant Rescued From Chains

Photo credit: Daily Mail

(ANIMAL WELFARE) Paul McCartney along with other celebrities joined an international battle to save a baby elephant in India last month. Sunder the elephant was chained alone in a shed and abused by his handler. Thanks to the amazing public outcry and hard work of animal advocates, the Indian forest minister has agreed to free the baby. As of now, the plan is to move Sunder to a wildlife refuge where he will be able to live in peace and pain-free. Read on for more details on this fantastic rescue story. — Global Animal

Sunder will hopefully be taken out of these chains promptly. Photo credit: Daily Mail 


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Last month we told you about the tragic plight of Sunder, a young elephant in India who has been abused and kept in a dark shed for years.

In addition to being forced to wear spiked chains, the elephant has a severe eye injury, skin lesions from abuse and is kept in a small shed where he cannot even turn around.

His story attracted worldwide attention when Sir Paul McCartney wrote an impassioned letter on his behalf, asking the Indian Forest Minister to set the animal free.

In his letter, McCartney wrote, “I have seen photographs of young Sunder, the elephant kept alone in a shed at Jyotiba Temple and put in chains with spikes. Years of his life have been ruined by keeping him and abusing him in this way and enough is enough. I most respectfully call on you … to get Sunder out.”

After news of McCartney’s letter spread, people around the globe spoke out in support of Sunder’s freedom. Petitions popped up on sites like, and other celebs, including Pamela Anderson, joined the fight.

So it comes as wonderful news that McCartney’s plea was successful. It was announced this week that plans are in the works to move Sunder from his painful temple shed to a wildlife refuge, where he will hopefully live out his days in freedom and sunshine.

PETA India had been working hard to secure Sunder’s release and are delighted that McCartney’s letter had the desired impact.

”We are grateful to the forest minister for agreeing to liberate Sunder,” said Mimi Bekechi, a PETA spokesperson.

So are we — we love a happy ending.




  1. SUNDER THE ELEPHANT has NOT been released from the Jyotiba Temple pursuant to the order that PETA secured. He was supposed to be released "forthwith" months ago, and PETA indicated that he is still hostage. I do not understand why this elephant has to live in terror, fear and pain…let him go.