(TAKE ACTION) The infamous Shark Week on Discovery Channel has inspired a company to focus their attention on some of the most misunderstood animals on our planet. TOMS Shoes, known for their generosity in poverty-stricken areas, has launched a line dedicated to shark conservation. Proceeds made from every pair go to protecting sharks and their habitats. Alongside these efforts, TOMS has been conducting research excursions and discussions revolving around shark preservation. Read on for more about this limited edition fashion line and how else you can help these fascinating fish. — Global Animal
Photo Credit: TOMS

Ecorazzi, Kara DiCamillo

With Shark Week kicking off a few days ago on the Discovery Channel, TOMS shoes released their newest line of limited edition Classics directed towards, well, shark preservation. By collaborating with University of Miami’s RJ Dunlap Marine Conservation Program the newest design is vegan with nautically-inspired madras, and lined with shark silhouettes. Proceeds from each pair go to protect sharks and their habitats.

Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS, participated in University of Miami’s Summit Series in which young entrepreneurs gathered to discuss ideas to better the world. Within the Summit Series, Dr. Neil Hammershlag, director of the RJD Program, organized a shark research trip in order to educate others about marine conservation. After the shark tagging trip, Hammershlag and his team approached Mycoskie with the idea of the Shark Shoe and the creative process began.

The Shark Shoe is available through the TOMS website for $54 and apparently has been quite popular. Sorry ladies, they are sold out of ours.

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