(ANIMAL RESCUE) Upon discovering an abandoned pit bull puppy tied to a wall in a North Carolina warehouse, dog handler Michael Bullock has since nursed the pooch back to health and is training him to be a bomb-sniffing dog. After displaying immediate signs of talent and high-functioning skills, the pup named Binnie is now ready to fight terrorism in Africa and will be working to identify explosives in Kenya. Read on to learn more about this heroic pup’s miraculous story. — Global Animal
Pitbull Binnie nearly lost his life after being abandoned in a North Carolina warehouse. Photo Credit: now.msn.com

Huffington Post

A rescued pit bull puppy is now headed to Africa to fight terrorism.

In March, Michael Bullock, a Greenville, N.C.-based dog handler, found a pit bull puppy in a warehouse — tied to a wall with wire and left to die. Bullock immediately took in the emaciated puppy, named him Binnie, and began caring for him, WITN News reports.

He soon noticed that the dog was quite talented. “We noticed that he liked to play ball. Wow, let’s see if he’ll hunt, retrieve, let’s see if he’ll be possessive. And sure enough he qualified in every area that we look for. Wow!” Bullock told WITN News.

Particularly, Binnie had a good nose and Bullock began training him as a bomb dog. After five weeks of training, the pit bull is as efficient as most dogs after 10 weeks, and can now identify over a dozen types of explosives, according to WITN News.

The Kenyan government recently contacted Bullock for dog handler training. But Bullock sent them a new tool instead: Binnie. Kenyan officials think that he will be useful in fighting Al Qaeda. “So when I got to hear his story I was like, ‘Wow.’ That will be good for me. It’s an experience and he proved himself to be a good dog. He’s working,” a Kenyan handler told reporters.

Binnie will be working to identify explosives at airports in Kenya, according to WITN News. Check out our story about Titan, an award-winning pit bull who saved his owner’s life — twice!

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