Tazi Phillips, Global Animal

Amazing photos of a mother dog rescuing her litter of puppies from a house fire in Santa Rosa de Temuco, Chile went viral on Friday. 

The mother, Amanda, apparently knew the safest place to bring her pups. The heroic mom carried each one away from the flames to the safety of a nearby fire truck. The ten-day-old puppies were transported to La Clínica Veterinaria Altamira where they are recuperating with their mother. Unfortunately, one of the puppies, a male named Amparo, died on Thursday night after suffering from burns to his abdomen and mouth. The other four puppies are reportedly doing well.

A dog in Temuco, Chile, brings her puppies to the safety of a fire truck after a fire destroyed part of the house they were living in. Photo credit: J. Monsalve.

The house is owned by Omar Torres, the father of the well-known boxer Tumbaito Jose Torres. Mr. Torres was brought to Hernan Henriquez hospital for treatment of his burns. 

Veterinarian Felipe Lara told Chilean newspaper Soy Chile that Amanda had defended her puppies when they tried to take them away for treatment. Amanda’s courageous actions prove the incredible intelligence of animals as well as the love and care exhibited by animal moms.

Amanda protects her puppies after rescuing them from the blaze. Photo credit: J. Monsalve