(SEA SHEPHERD) Paul Watson, the Captain of Sea Shepherd, has been put on Interpol’s “Red Notice” for escaping Germany to avoid extradition to Costa Rica. Interpol’s “Red Notice” is something like an international arrest warrant, but because the notice is a bit vague it is up to each of the 190 member countries to decide whether they will arrest Watson. Thankfully the founder of Sea Shepherd isn’t too worried and plans to continue his work. Read on to see what he has to say about his international mishap.—Global Animal
Captain Paul Watson isn’t intimidated by his international arrest warrant. Photo credit: Sea Shepherd

Michael Destries, Ecorazzi

Paul Watson’s ability to move around the world has just become a lot more complicated.

The 61-year-old founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has just been placed on Interpol’s “Red Notice” – which is the highest bulletin the international policing body issues; but does not necessarily constitute an automatic arrest warrant.

In other words, Watson is going to have to pick the countries he travels to very carefully.

Interpol’s action stems from Watson’s decision to skip bail in Germany and flee the country; a move that almost certainly avoided the ocean conservationist from extradition to Costa Rica – or worse – Japan.

“For me it is obvious that the German government conspired with Japan and Costa Rica to detain me so that I could be handed over to the Japanese,” Watson wrote from an unknown location. “For me it is clear that they made the political decision to turn me over to the Japanese even before a court decision was made.”

Interpol says that it upgraded Watson’s status from Blue to Red after gaining “additional information from Costa Rica” (whatever the hell that means) and his decision to skip bail in Germany.

“Each of Interpol’s 190 member countries must apply their national laws and standards in determining whether it may detain or arrest the wanted person,” it said.

That word “may” is a big deal, since it presents a wild card for determining which countries might be friendly to Watson. But as doom and gloom as this all seems, for Watson, it’s likely just another reason to keep fighting.

“It is a simple fact that if you are effective at what you do, you make enemies,” Watsonwrote back in 2010. “Sea Shepherd has a host of enemies, and we are making more every year. And our enemies are powerful and run the gamut of government, corporate, and organized crime. Hell, I’m surprised we have survived as long as we have.

“But what is the alternative? To do nothing, to be another docile, submissive, unquestioning slave to a paradigm of blind greed?

“No thank-you. Give me my name on a blue list, the red list, the black list, or the death list, for it is preferable to the I-don’t-give-a-crap list.“

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