Elisabeth Torres, Global Animal 

Dozens of animals are missing and nine birds were  brutally slaughtered during a break-in at a private Tasmania zoo. The vandals cut the locks off several wallaby, monkey, and bird enclosures late Thursday or Friday evening. About 60 birds and animals are missing, including two extremely rare swift parrots and five quolls. 

Some of the birds who were brutally murdered. Photo Credit: ABC News

Workers at the zoo found the nine dead birds with their heads crushed or torn off. ABC quoted the zoo’s owner, Dick Warren, saying, “They just caught them and banged their heads and pulled their heads off, and it was pretty sickly to see.”

According to ABC News, animal keeper Courtney McMahon said the break-in has had a devastating impact on the zoo’s breeding program.”We’re trying to increase numbers of threatened species and we’ve lost a good part of that program,” she said.

Police are currently appealing for witness.