(ELEPHANTS) INDONESIA — About 20 endangered Sumatran elephants entered Braja Indah village in Lampung, Indonesia yesterday in search of food. The villagers have been using torches and firecrackers in an attempt to herd the elephants away. A farmer from the same village was accidentally trampled to death in April and since then at 5 elephants have been poisoned. Read on for the full story. — Global Animal  

A Sumatran elephant poses for the camera. Photo Credit: green planet fan

The Huffington Post

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Villagers and park rangers are using torches and firecrackers to herd out about 20 endangered Sumatran elephants that wandered into an Indonesian village in search of food.

Local forestry office head Warsito said the elephants entered Braja Indah village in Lampung province Thursday and were still there Friday night.

More than 200 elephants live within Way Kambas National Park near the village. Fewer than 3,000 Sumatran elephants are left in the wild, and environmentalists warn they’ll go extinct without protection.

Warsito told El-Shinta radio that a negotiation is ongoing to compensate villagers since the expulsion route passes through their farms.

At least five elephants have been poisoned since April, while in December a farmer was trampled to death. Villagers say they’ll kill the elephants if authorities don’t protect their farms.

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