(ANIMAL DISCOVERY) CANADA —  The giant swallowtail butterfly, indigenous to Central and South America, was found in Montreal, Quebec. The butterfly was found in the cities botanical garden and is thought to be a result of North America’s climate slowly becoming warmer. Read on for more on this tropical species making its new home in Canada. — Global Animal  
Giant Swallowtail Butterfly. Photo Credit: unabaina.com


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Tropical Butterfly Now in Canada: In a sign that North America’s northern climate is warming, a caterpillar chrysalises fora Giant swallowtail butterfly indigenous to Central and South America was found in Montreal, Quebec. The cocoon, for a Papilio cresphontes Cramer, was found in the city’s botanical garden and insectarium clinging to a prickly ash plant. In a press statement, a botanical garden representative said, “In recent decades, milder temperatures in Nordic zones have enabled it to survive the winter and colonize new habitats. Giant swallowtails have gradually moved into Quebec, and the first native chrysalises are about to undergo metamorphosis at the botanical garden any day now!”

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